About Gerry

This page is about my personality and interests. Here's a link to a writeup about my real estate services and testimonials.

I have a genuine passion for all things Nanaimo - especially the geography and history - and I'm excited to be involved in everything that's happening here right now. I'm the type of guy who talks to tourists. Becoming a realtor was a natural choice.

Outside of my awesome wife and kids, my greatest interests include hiking, relic hunting, and camping. I'm also an avid swimmer, reader, singer, and photography hobbyist. I'm happiest when I'm exploring a new place, outdoors.

Personality: I'm outgoing and I relate well with people, always trying to make them feel comfortable. My sense of humour is a bit "out there" but I take things very seriously when it's down to business.
Character: Clients like my straightforward, ethical, honest approach. And I'm always inquisitive and learning - because I want to do a good job.

There's a photo on this page showing me in a mine entrance with some rocks. That photo was taken at an Edwardian-era copper mine and really shows me in my element. It took some work to find this mine, but I'll show you where it is if you buy or sell your home with me. I've shown a couple people already!

My History

I spent my childhood in Greater Vancouver, but always felt a sense of belonging when I visited the island. When a friend moved here after high school, I saw how easy it can be to move your home base, when you want to. So I crossed over. Twenty years later, I still feel grateful for the opportunity.

I got a degree in Liberal Arts at Malaspina/VIU, started a family with an island girl, built a Nanaimo information website to pay off my student loans, and spent 13 years helping to build a successful real estate web development company. It was inevitable that I would become licensed as an agent and would start helping people to find their homes in Nanaimo. I love this city BIG TIME and I think it deserves the attention.

Do you think we'd connect? Give me a call or use my contact form. I'll bring something useful to the table if you're dealing in property within the Nanaimo landscape.