Cinnabar Valley

Red circle shows approximate location of Cinnabar Valley

This is a very pleasant community between Chase River and Extension, about ten minutes south of downtown Nanaimo. Cinnabar is a gently-sloped green valley between two ridges, and parts of it are very old and interesting.

Most of the residents of Cinnabar Valley work in Nanaimo, and it appears that these residents have been able to build some very nice homes, perhaps with the money they saved from living farther out from the city (and yet a 10-min distance is really nothing).

A lot of homes have great views of the valley, because many properties are situated high on the slope of the western ridge (Extension Road).

Along bus routes? There is one bus that comes down here from Nanaimo, every hour or so.
Nearby parks: Extension Ridge, Morden Colliery Park, Nanaimo River

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