Colliery Dams Park

Imagine two very pretty lakes, ringed by a figure-8 of trails. There are very old trees here, good fishing, bridges, waterfalls, and a swimming area.

There is great topography at "the dams", and while the trail system is smaller in circumference than Westwood Lake's, it still presents a bit of climbing, and the views are just as pretty.

  • At the lowest point of the lower lake, the water flows through an old spillway and drops down a tall waterfall.
  • More photos of the dams

This place should not be confused with "Morden Colliery Park" to the south. The mistake is understandable, though. "Colliery" refers to coal, and the colliery dams were created for securing water for the mines downstream.

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Directions to Colliery Dams Park

To get to the Colliery Dams, drive south on Wakesiah Avenue, just below Malaspina University-College, and turn right at the 4-way stop onto Nanaimo Lakes Road, then look for the parking lot on your left. Or, go straight through the 4-way at Wakesiah and Nanaimo Lakes Rd., and you'll see a little parking lot on the right when the road turns left. Either route allows you to park close to a lake view (beware of thieves).

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