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Thread: Nanaimo Boxing Club

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    Default Nanaimo Boxing Club - 1971 to 2005

    As one of the two co-founders of the club in 1971, I welcome comments from past and current members. Also, comments from past members of Nanaimo"s "Newcastle Boxing Club (1963 - 1968).
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    Default Flashbacks - Fall of 1983

    In the Fall 1983 issue of "Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing" Newsletter
    there was a piece on the Newcastle Boxing Club (1963 - 1968).
    An important link with the current Nanaimo Boxing Club was made in the final paragraph:

    "Although the club (Newcastle Boxing Club) folded in 1968, the spark left by George Nepper, his assistants and boxers was kept alive. In 1971, Dan Wright and Brian Zelley formed the Nanaimo Boxing Club...." - Page 4.

    Although most members of the club today would not be aware of
    Nepper, Wright and Zelley an important foundation for the club was
    established many years ago in the basement of the Newcastle Hotel and subsequent locations in the 1960's and 1970's. Aside from the listed names
    some other Nanaimo names include James, Johnson, Lewis, Glover, Balatti,
    Barnes, Barker, Barrows, Budzinski, Buxton, Glover, Lazare, McFadden, Ranger, Rock, Stant, Tait, Windecker, Pollitt, Williams, Sorenson, Smyth.
    In the Seventies there would be numerous others to help and build the foundation such as Ormandy, Snaith, and Runacres with a few folks from Ladysmith participating.
    The rest is history, but for some, the "golden memories" linger on.
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    Default Nanaimo Boxing - 1973

    A picture from 1973 - the first boxing card for the Nanaimo Boxing Club
    held at thr Franklin Street Gym.

    This would be the first of many hosted by the club in the Seventies & Eighties.
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    Default Nanaimo Boxing - 1973

    More action in Nanaimo - 1973 - The first Sanctioned card
    for the Nanaimo Boxing Club formed in 1971.

    Picture: Brian Zelley
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    About ten years after the first boxing card hosted by the Nanaimo Boxing Club,
    there would be a show held at the Frank Crane Arena on January 15, 1983.
    However, unlike many others show this one would be different.

    Due to the extreme cold, many of the boxers could not get warmed-up enough to put on a fair showing. Island boxers had travelled from Campbell River to Victoria.
    In attendance was BCABA President Larry Carney and International referee Fred Fuller, and many time Olympic referee Bert Lowes, a few of the other officials would include Rick Brough, Brian Zelley and Bob Perry. For many years Brough would serve as the Island Commissioner and assisted in forming the Ladysmith Boxing Club in 1982.

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    Default Flashbacks - 1985 & 1973

    In the Flashbacks section of the February 1985
    issue of the "B C Amateur Boxing News", Nanaimo
    boxer Jack Snaith was profiled with reference to
    his achievements in 1973 BC Golden Gloves action
    his performance in the Canadian championships.

    During the mid-1980's Jack and another Nanaimo based boxer of note, Lloyd Anderson, would be
    involved in the formation of a club in Comox.

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    Question of the month: Although Nanaimo's
    Billy Townsend is considered to be the best ever Boxer to
    come from Nanaimo, were there any ones of note that
    should be remembered?

    Deciding on the two best junior boxers from Vancouver Island
    in the period 1971 to 1989 may be difficult for some but
    two clear choices would be Cliff Ballendine and Alan Brown
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    Between 1968 and 1971, some of the persons involved in the Newcastle Boxing Club continued to operate in a variety of locations until the Nanaimo Boxing Club
    at what was the Gyro Youth Centre. Throughout the Seventies, starting with the first show in 1973. the club hosted many excellent club shows and tournaments.

    Much help was given by persons that supported the club such as
    Mr, & Mrs Sid and Dorothy Runacres.
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    Default Dorothy Runacres

    The name of one of many that supported the Nanaimo Boxing Club
    such as the donation of special trophies for competitions.

    One of the many tournaments supported by Dorothy Runacres was
    the June 10, 1978 "Bathtub Capital Golden Gloves"
    held at Beban Park. Another supporter of that event was
    the "Longhouse Restaurant Cabaret" and many other local individuals
    and establishments.

    There are many names that should be listed. Any members of this site are welcome to recognize individuals or groups that were involved in
    any capacity that added to a slice of history to Nanaimo's sporting and community past.
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    Default The Harewood Happening

    In 1979, the Nanaimo Boxing Club moved to new facilities in Harewood.
    The earlier years were spent at the Gyro Youth Centre. And for awhile
    training facilities were at the Queen's Hotel. Throughout the Seventies, Nanaimo
    boxers competed in numerous club cards in various locations. One highlight of
    the Seventies was the June 1978 "Bathtub Capital Golden Gloves" at Beban Park.

    The event was sanctioned by the B C Amateur Boxing Association
    The 1978 show included a number of boxers from Portland, Oregon.
    This show was followed up by a tournament in 1979.
    Of interest, the tournament would be a staging ground for
    some top Island boxers of the Eighties.

    However, in the Eighties, another club would be started in Parksville.
    It would be Parksville where, the return of the Vancouver Island Championships
    would take place after 20 years. The previous all-Island tournament took place
    in Victoria in 1964, but in that tournament two Nanaimo boxers were victorious.
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