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Makes the millions look like peanuts.....it's not 4 days , it has been years.
For a centre that wasnt open yet. Way more difficult to book because lots of groups dont want to take a chance on delays etc. Now that is open, it will be an easier job for the marketing team.

Not to mention your disregard of the process. Most convention bookings occur at least a year in advance, quite often more. I have never been to or presented at a conference that didnt know where the next years conference was going to be. It is always promoted heavily, particularly if there is a trade show component as the booths start selling at the show you are at. In that light, its pretty amazing that there are as many bookings as there are.

But for those of you who seem to be incapable of seeing any part of this in a positive light, keep on naysaying. The rest of us are just going to move on.