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Thread: Fun new couple has arrived in Nanaimo

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    Default Fun new couple has arrived in Nanaimo


    We are a fun couple looking to meet new people in Nanaimo. We moved from Sherwood Park/Edmonton last month and are ready to set up our social circle here.

    Who are we?
    We have a positive outlook in life and are energetic, creative, and fun. We enjoy going to the movies, and you might even catch us checking out the occassional matinee! We enjoy the outdoors in all of its beauty and would like to do some hiking and camping. Come on over for dinner and drinks and we can play some cards or bring out some board games.
    We like music and theatre and are willing try new things.

    Who are you?
    You are postivie, energetic and love to laugh. You share some of the same interests and are willing to share your interests with us.

    If you are interested, drop us a line and then let's go for a drink or a coffee.

    Looking forward the great people of Nanaimo and exploring the city and what it has to offer.

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    Hey Kittenface!

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    hi 'festus'

    nice to meet you!

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    Welcome to Nnanaimo and the forums Hubby and I moved here too about 2 years ago. We have similar interest as you we like being outdoors and doing stuff with our kids we also go Mountain Bike Riding every weekend. Hope you enjoy it here.

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    Default Thanks for the warm welcome, Rain!

    HI Rain,

    We've enjoyed hiking the trails here but find that they are not well marked. It's been by shere accident that we stumble upon them as they are not marked!

    Have you met very many people in the 2 years you've been here? What has been your best approach in meeting new people?

    We would like to find out more about you and possibly meet with you and your husband? Any suggestions? Hope to talk with you soon.


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    No we have not met many people here. To tell you the truth some of the people here have been stand offish with me since I am from New York, Yea I hear ya about the trails.

    Hubby and I ride a few trails up at doumont they are marked with the names on them. Pretty decent ones too when we go riding up there , there are some hikers. There are alot of nice parks here...West Wood lake is a very nice park and some really good trails you cant get lost in there LOL.

    Yea maybe we can get together I have no friends other than some of the woman I work with but we don't hang out LOL. What trails have you guys been too?

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    Default Welcome

    Our family just moved here from the Edmonton area as well 6 months ago. We lived at Ellerslie Road and the QE2 on the southside.

    We've loved being in Nanaimo, and have met many families through our children's school, church, and of course this website too I've heard that there is a Nanaimo newcomers club, and there is a large segment from Alberta! Perhaps that could be a nice way to connect as well.

    Everyone here at Nanaimoinformation.com has been amazing. Harbourliving.ca has all the details of what's going in the area, which has been a nice way to make sure we don't miss a fun event in Nanaimo.

    Have a great day, and welcome!


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    Me and my girlfriend have been here since September and still don't know anybody We're 26 and 25 years old, and have like hiking, drinking and movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GibsonGuitars View Post
    Me and my girlfriend have been here since September and still don't know anybody We're 26 and 25 years old, and have like hiking, drinking and movies.
    Damn man, I'm gonna try and make a point to remember to invite you on one of the next hikes we do... 'cause we like hiking AND drinking together!

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    Default New here too

    I am from the states and moved here after I married my Canadian hubby. I have been here since last fall and haven't met too many people either. I am 26, no kids, love the outdoors and am looking to meet others. My husband and I do alot of camping, love to cook, play games, going to movies, the theater, etc. I have been thinking about trying to put together a group of women, new to the area, to meet for coffee or something outdoors. I'd love to meet for coffee with you or others you have met. Let me know....


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