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Thread: Fun new couple has arrived in Nanaimo

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    It did take my wife and myself a while to meet new people when we moved here.

    The I'm Not From Here group is a good idea, but they usually meet in pubs which isn't my thing. But good to check out.

    What really helped for us was to get involved in local groups and events.

    My wife and I both play the Native American flute and we have gone to a number of songwriters circles, music festivals, workshops, etc that helped us meet people with similar interests.

    I also joined the Nanaimo Astronomy Society and checked out the Harbour City Photography Club. So if you find groups and clubs that fit your interests, you will meet like minded people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyatt Earp View Post
    We belong to a hiking group that is meeting in Parksville at the Albertson's Home Improvement Centre Sunday morning at 10AM. You are welcome to come along.
    what level of hiking is this group?

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    Welcome to Nanaimo -- if I haven't done so already. Hope you're enjoying the island life
    Let's have a fun and free sexy party! Kitty's Bedroom Boutique ;)

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