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Thread: Good Places to shop

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    Default Good Places to shop

    Just trying to get an Idea, locally, what places would the rest of you recommend for buying hiking gear. It's been a while and a lot of my gear needs replacing, as well I'm looking for some Christmas gift ideas for my older brother. The two biggest things I'm looking at is Good quality gear, and fairly priced, not necessarily cheap.

    Worst case scenario I may be in vancouver next weekend so I may have time to go to swing by MEC and a couple of hiking shops over there. Looking forward to hearing what the rest of you have to recommend

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    I'd recommend Canadian Tire. They usually have great variety of hiking supplies. You can find almost anything for the outdoorsman there. They are often well priced as well. There is also place located next the Home Depot as well, I don't know the name of it, but I think their prices are a bit hefty.

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    Well, given that this spring there will be a MEC in Victoria, I would go there!

    If you need kayaking gear, or hiking gear, Alberni Outpost is good. If you need climbing or hiking gear, then Valhalla is a great choice.

    I usually order from MEC, recently I put in a bunch of orders for xmas, because the shipping was free. The shipping is not that much when you order a bunch of stuff at one time.

    Oh, the Victoria MEC looks to be a large one.
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