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Thread: Sidewalks (or the lack thereof)

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    Default Sidewalks (or the lack thereof)

    As I was enjoying a morning stroll through my neighbourhood, I once again witnessed a near accident that really shook me up. I was walking up Rosstown Road when a car comes speeding around the corner (just past Bailey theatre coming down the hill) brakes squealling because he is going too fast, didn't expect another car (I mean, really, who drives at 10 am [heavy sarcasm]), and also didn't expect anyone to be walking. My heart was racing. It was the most awful sound (the kind that is usually followed by a horrific crashing sound) accompanied by smoking rubber as he tried to slam his brakes on. He barely righted his car and somewhat regained control of it and continued speeding down Rosstown.

    Now I am writing this because this is not the first time I have witnessed an incident like this on this same stretch of road. This road is used every morning by hundreds of kids walking to Coal Tyee Elementary as well as numerous people waiting for buses. I am terrified that one day a child will be hit. Why is Nanaimo a city of no sidewalks? Sidewalks may not slow down speeders but at least it dilineates a (supposed) safe area for walkers etc. Rosstown is a bus route and at the very least the city should have sidewalks on all urban bus routes.

    I have only lived here for 3 years but it seems like city planners and officials should be addressing and fixing this! What do you think?

    PS I would love to see speed bumps or roundabouts ( yeah I know people hate them too bad they slow you down!) on Rosstown Road (as well as others but this is my neighbourhood and my experience).

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    I live on Ross road, and it's the same thing....not even bothering to do a rolling stop at the 3-way, then gunning it down and around the corner.
    again, it's a bus route, so speed bumps are not allowed. as for sidewalks, i could care less....a painted line vs a 6" curb.....it's not going to stop a car doing 100 kph in a residential zone.
    I've been phoning the polive for a radar trap alot, and you should do the same.....
    or start hucking rocks......like i've been tempted to do.

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