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Thread: Vancouver Island Prostitutes...

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    Default Vancouver Island Prostitutes...

    I am interested to hear other people's opinions on the quite evident sex trade that is blossoming on our streets. I've noticed it's much more out in the open than it ever use to be.

    The definition of prostitution is even debatable.

    Prostitution is the exchange of sexual favours for money or other material goods, devoid of any emotional involvement.

    Doesn't this sum up a few thousand relationships going on at any given time?

    Communicating for the purposes of prostitution, soliciting, keeping a common bawdy house, procuring, and living off the avails of prostitution are some examples of the type of activities that are criminalized according to the legal system.

    This is ridiculous in my opinion, I believe brothels would make prostitution a somewhat "cleaner" profession. Because let's all be realistic, it's not going away anytime soon.

    I don't think prostitution is the issue, in fact I think the laws are the the main problem with why there is so much drug use, assaults/rapes, std issues etc etc. Check out my blog for some more information if you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanislandrev View Post
    I don't think prostitution is the issue, in fact I think the laws are the the main problem with why there is so much drug use, assaults/rapes, std issues etc etc.
    I tend to think it's the enforcement that is lacking rather than the laws. As you said, there are numerous 'criminal' activities taking place.

    Although brothels have historically helped the situation in other countries... one would definitely encounter a lot of NIMBY's on that one! =)

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    It is unfortunate that the prostitutes here in Nanaimo are not the most desirable type of prostitutes. Like any other job (your word) there are the professionals, the everyday type, those that work under the table and then those that almost give away their work to get drug money to fix their habit. The majority of street prostitution in Nanaimo are the last batch. We also have those that work as escorts that are in the mid-range. The problem that I see is that the girls prostitute themselves in order to get quick money for their dope. They are not attractive in any way but rather an outlet for men that do not care who they get, as long as they get some, and yes often times they expect no protection.

    In the past in larger cities there were all the different types available. For example in Vancouver a few years ago, the high class were on Georgia, the mid-range were on Richards, the low end were on Main and the bottom end were on Hastings. Different girls and different prices for different services.

    If we were to legalize brothels, you can bet that not a single prostitute that currently work the streets of Nanaimo would qualify. Brothels have clean, attractive and medically checked workers, not dirty, ugly workers with STD's.

    The problem is the men that buy these girls time. They are usually stupid if they don't realize the health risks alone they may attract simply by going with these people.

    Get the prostitutes off the streets, clean them up and they can again be citizens of the community just like the rest of us. Until they are cleaned up, they will always be at the bottom and not able to hold any job other then their current one, prostitution.

    PS: I don't agree with your perception of prostitution where you imply that anyone that engages in sex after a few drinks or dinner is a prostitute simply because they have no emotional attachment. My definition of a prostitute is someone that has sex for money and leaves upon completion of the deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokey© View Post
    The problem is the men that buy these girls time.
    That's where we do have laws that COULD be enforced. I know, wishful thinking.

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    We make a lot of rules, many personal about what can or cannot be done in the name of consenting adults. It should not be abusive and it should be out of the public eye. Surely it is important to keep impressionable children safe from this kind of education!! I agree with the type of activity we have going on today as being low level survival and getting a fix related as adveses the more "high class" encounters. The problem is the drugs, the street sex is a symptom. man I hate drugs and the impact they are having on young potential contributers to society!! These girls are our children and are in a very sad if not complete nightmare of a world.

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    Personally I am not bothered by the hookers or drug dealers [anymore]as long as they keep moving, once you plant yourself on a corner and ply your trade there, that is were the problem is. In the home owners eyes. As long as they keep moving no problem. No one calls the cops if they keep moving. I don`t bother the girls but I make a point of making the John`s know that I am taking their plate number.
    This is not a way anyone ever daydreams there life to be as they are looking out the window at high school contemplating their future.

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    So are you saying that nimby ism is the solution? In the care free and often non thinking adolescent childs world 20 bucks is a good grab because the future they may see looking out the window is not going to happen to THEM. I have heard a lot of these kids think to augument allowance by trying to immitate the quick cash strategies. I would hope to find a way to close this option for these impressionable vulnerable kids. I would rather they did not get to consider the option as they gain understanding how these poor addicted girls are getting the money for the feeding of their addictions. Even the males under 17 are considering it!! I think the high schools are providing some hard fact education for these kids to help offset what may seem to some an easy option for quick cash. If they see what they percieve to be an easy road, they are going to take it. I would sure like the behavior to be kept out of sight of the kids who havnt destroyed themselves already.

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    Default common sence

    prostitutes have been around for ever there are alot of happy marriges because of them and helps keep perverts off the street there are good ones and bad ones just like anything else in life and everyone in canada has rights so do they and most of us have broken the law in one way or another nobodys perfect insted of bitching about things how about trying to make this country a better place to live for everybody

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    Interesting thread Vanislandrev. The topic responses are rather condescending IMO.

    I agree it is not going away, the laws are not helpful and it is too often the persons in the 'trade' are desperate. I'm not sure the 'trade' needs to be so negative. Why not open agencies that provide organization, standards and rules?

    People want this service in different degrees than what is available on the street. Prostitution doesn't have to be a fast boink or a BJ in a car. Matter of fact that is quite repulsive to me personally (as prostitution).

    It's sad that anyone would be able to support a grotesque addiction by doing something they almost certainly wouldnt be doing if they were not so desperate. It's demeaning and degrading.

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    yuppers!...some of those little darling's may just be working to survive, some for food, some for shelter and simple staples....others have their problems with possibly alcohol, drugs or simply settlting a debt, who really knows why they are there....maybe some feel it's a good paying job, even dangerous as it is they can still buy that cool outfit or a pair of new boots and jacket.....build them a whore-house to stay at, clean some of them up and we would not notice their street-walking anymore...hell, I don't know how else you can change the way they live other than simply throwing them in jail....sheesh!...that only makes them become hard, tough and and hated even more.....stan the man

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