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Thread: Council Watch

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    Default Council Watch

    Thought I would start a thread on the activities of councillors.

    If you have been to a neighbourhood meeting where a member of council attended, I thought it may be interesting if it was reported here along with any general statements or direction taken by those councillors.
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    I want the council meeting thread but this might do I would like to personaly thank all the women, Cathy Davis, Dianne Brennan, the guard from Ladysmith,the director of Haven house, the brave first timer etc for letting council know in no uncertain terms that we do not want our sisters or ourselves under any circumstances in city jail being monitored by male guards! You fine ladies took the time to protect the dignity of women in this town! And a thanks to council who decided not to swap personal dignity for money. Good show!!! I am proud to be a part of a progressive town that is willing to show this type of sensitivity.

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    Kickadee I had no idea that this was on the agenda. It was buried where a blind person would not look. I watched in 2004 when this issue came up and was traumatised by the memory of what happened to my daughter.
    I was appalled that even Dawn Tyndall wanted to save money at the expense of simple human dignity.I can remember Jeet Manhas changing his vote after visiting the jail.Also Ron Cantelon vehemently saying no to the cost saving method at the expense of women.

    How wonderful of the two women who have to do the awful job to stand up and speak! Diane Brennann , JAne Templeman and Zenny Martman echoed my heart.
    And council listened. Good for them!

    This council meeting had many tough issues. I have a greater respect for Gerry Berry after listening to his presentation.

    What is everyone's take on Larry McNabb? Do you think he just wanted to get it over with?

    How about Merv Unger telling Kevan Shaw that he was bordering on slander?

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    Default It's great...

    It's great that council is finally hearing from the people don't you think?

    People need to plug into the process of city government.

    Organise, participate and question. Our governments are elected by the people. Time for the people to stand up and get our goverments working for us!

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    I dont envy the job they have to do. It was a long long meeting. Thats why they get the big bucks I guess.I am joking.
    They earned their money this month for sure.

    I too encourage everyone to participate. We cant complain unless we know what is going on.

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    Yes I fell asleep after the budget part, too sad. I thought Gerry Berry did a great job of explaining the budget and I was wandering too what the strong objection was to taking the budget back for some different cuts. I think Larry McNabb must have felt the debate was unresolvable, and that it would fare no more decisiveness regarding specific cuts than the budget at hand. Like you say it was a long meeting and getting to the 2010 budget was on his mind for sure. I'm glad it was taken back because some cut surely need to be made before 2010 if we are going to retain our reserve and go ahead.

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    Default City on Facebook

    Just thought some might like to know the city is trying out a Facebook page. It can be found here:


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    Piper Guest


    Maybe next they will start a thread on the forum ??????

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    I know you always have your ear to the ground.HAve you heard about staff changes at city hall that might be disconcerting? I have it on accidental good authority that these changes will not be seen as good. I am using bad English because I dont want to use the words I got from an accidental source.

    These changes may be staff changes at the partnership but I dont think so.

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    Sorry, it took so long to answer you. I don't really keep tabs on the comings and goings of City Staff nor staff at the DNPS. Staff of many places in our community (and in the business world) have changes due to pregnancy, differences of opinion, or someone finding another place to quickly climb the economic ladder. I find that trying to keep tabs on job changes and why could be an invasion of privacy. I tend to forget those that leave and concentrate on those that take their place.

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