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Thread: Bowed Psaltery (Musical Instrument) for Sale

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    Default SOLD: Bowed Psaltery (Musical Instrument) for Sale

    Celtic bowed psaltery musical instrument from Unicorn Strings. Purchased about two years ago and hardly used.

    Simply put, a bowed psaltery is probably the easiest instrument in the world to play. It's a 20" long by 8" wide triangle with strings running its length and is played with a bow.

    As you can see by the picture, you play the sides of the instrument only (all strings become side strings as you progress toward the tip of the instrument). One side of the instrument is all natural notes, like the white keys on a piano. The other side is all flats and sharps, like the black keys on a piano. The space between each pin is a separate note.

    A lovely instrument, but I find I just have too many other instruments, so I have to let this some go.

    Includes instruction book, instruction DVD, extra string, rosin, tuning wrench and nylon zippered case.

    Sells for $279 US new. Sell for $197 CAD cash. Call 250-740-0472.

    Other items available:

    - antique phonoharp - 1920's stringed musical instrument
    - waterproof 10x50 celestron binoculars
    - bowler hat
    - metal 2 drawer file cabinet
    - DVDs - Tru Calling Complete TV Series
    - DVDs - Space: Above And Beyond Complete TV Series
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