There is a place that has the best burgers you will ever find-- two large patties, enlongated bun {toasted} and it came with large, thick steak fries, pappers and 24ounce sweet tea { the best you could ever taste, but not too sweet} and service is quick, prices cheap. The combo is about $5 for all. Willie's Wienie Wagon. Not a great looking building, but always very busy. I'd love to have their food here.

Another missing dinner menu is true cajun-- not the store bought "cajun" spice, but the real deal spices. I love me some good ol' spicy crawfish, battered cajun catfish and hushpuppies. Used to get some "gator chunks" that were soaked a couple days in fresh squeezed lime juice, then battered and pan fried with hot peppers and bell peppers and very lightly dusted with cinnamon powder. Hell, I'd be happy just to be able to get some gator chewin's up here, I can do the rest.

If I had the money, I'd be opening up a dinner that serves them kinds of vittles.