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Thread: relocation to Nanaimo

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    Default relocation to Nanaimo

    Hi, we are relocating to Nanaimo with a 6yr old any suggestions on where to live close to good Schools, shopping, beaches, parks....... we also have pets so we will need to have a house with a backyard.
    Thanks for your help

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    It all depends on budget and tastes. Lots to choose from. This question comes up a lot so I wrote about it here.

    As for beaches, you're never far from one in Nanaimo. Often they're in walking distance and they're never more than a short drive. Don't forget the lakes, like Westwood lake too. Ridiculous number of parks around here. I still don't think I've found them all. The big shopping centres are up north but there is shopping everywhere. That's our big thing, lots of shopping and a university. We have lots more than that, but those are the two things that really stand out economically. We're heading more towards a tech direction these days though.
    Coast Realty Nanaimo

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    Thanks Ryan, you are a very interesting person and probably the best to talk to once we get there.

    Merci pour ton aide!

    Isabelle B.

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    J'ai toujours du temps a parler avec eux qui ont besion d'aide. (Sorry it has been a while... I am still good at listening but my speaking/writing is rusty.)

    Bonne chance!
    Coast Realty Nanaimo

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