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Thread: If you could, where would you live in Nanaimo

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    Default If you could, where would you live in Nanaimo

    If you could where would you live in Nanaimo and why would you choose this Area?

    Thanks again for all the input

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    I've lived in the Jinglepot/Westwood Lake area for about 15 yrs now and LOVE it here. We are high enough to have a wonderful view of Georgia Strait and all the boat traffic, and the mainland mtns with the lights of the ski hills....we can even see some of the highrises and lights of Vancouver when it's clear. The lake is within walking distance. We are far enough from the highway not to hear the traffic but close enough to quickly get on it to go either north or south. We feel very central here yet like the rural feel of the neighbourhood. Being empty nesters, the lack of a nearby school is not an issue for us like it might be for some folks.

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