Friday, April 13-15th, 2012

This is an amazing 3-day parenting workshop geared towards parents, grandparents and caregivers who want to explore and improve their relationships with their children. This process will have a positive impact on their childrenŐs growth, their own sense of self, and their connections with partners and other significant adults. Our emphasis is on developing personal, empathic relationships between adults and children, and between adults.

If you are having trouble relating to your teen, communicating with your child on their level, expressing your thoughts and feelings in a way your children will understand, or wish to understand yourself more as a parent in relating to your child.....this is a unique opportunity you don't want to miss.

Personal Parenting Workshop offers you the opportunity to:

* Learn to adapt the Haven Communication Model for children at different stages of development
* Express deep feelings around parenting and learn to incorporate responsible expression into your daily life
* Develop compassion for yourself as a parent
* Explore how your own childhood impacts your parenting
* Discover your own attachment style and its interaction with the styles of your children and partners
* Create in your adult relationships a healthy environment for your own growth and that of your children


The program will include presentation of ideas and information and time for group processing and questions. There will be opportunities to practice communication and to explore and express feelings through breath, movement and other experiential forms. Come with your parenting partners if you can.


Denise Goldbeck, PhD cand, DipC, RCC:
Denise is a Registered Clinical Counselor with a Masters in Developmental Psychology.
She has over 30 years combined experience in teaching adults and children, counselling individuals of all backgrounds, and consulting other educators and therapists. She has a breadth of university level teaching experience and developing educational programs centered around self-awareness, listening and communication, psychotherapy, and human development. Specific courses she has instructed include Adolescent Development, Moral Development, and Development of Children's Thinking.

Denise became interested in child development while working with children in the performing arts. Over the last 22 years she has created a method using theatre, dance and music to help children understand their own development. She is the creator of "Kids in the Spotlight" (KITS), a program in its 22nd year at The Haven Institue. She has also developed a "Youth Intern Program" under KITS and "Window To Your Child" for parents with children in the KITS program. Visit

Toby Macklin, MA, DipHCS
"As a parent myself, and from facilitating groups of parents, I am aware how we can take the 'job' of being a parent terribly seriously and make impossibly high demands of ourselves, our partners and our children. In doing so, we forget that we are all of us people with our own experiences and feelings and styles. Learning to be more personal and open in my relationships with my partner and my children has been a key to making family life enjoyable and rewarding, a place where both adults and children can grow.