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Thread: Shannon K @ DenMar Electric

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    Default Shannon K @ DenMar Electric

    Please allow me to introduce myself as the new Business Development Manager for DenMar Electric.

    DenMar Electric is a Nanaimo based company that has been serving Vancouver Island since 1994, and in the past 18 years has earned an outstanding reputation as a top-of-the-line contractor. We have a large and diversified portfolio of completed projects ranging from restaurant, retail store and fire-hall renovations, to new construction and renovations of multi-family dwellings, high rises and custom homes.
    As the Business Development Manager, I will be your "front-of-the-line-pass" for the exceptional service that DenMar Electric is known for. Call me (Shannon) today! 250-740-7383

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    Hi Shannon, does DenMar Electric have a Facebook or Twitter page?

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    Default Yes indeed

    We do indeed have both Facebook and Twitter accounts, thank you for asking! The Facebook page is simply DenMar Electric Ltd. and our twitter is denmar_electric

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    Hi Shannon,

    Do you work on outdoor lighting for companies? If so, I would be interested in chatting with you about our Nanaimo Dark Sky project. It would be good to be able to point the people we are working with on the project to local companies who offer dark sky friendly fixtures and services.
    Garland Coulson, "Captain Time"

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    I want to throw my thanks out to DenMar. They did some work on my home upgrading me from 80 amps to 200 a few years ago. They were not the cheapest quote I got, nor the most expensive; they just felt right when I was talking to them. I had to have new wire run from the street to support the extra amperage as well as have them up in the attic, on the roof and down in the basement. They werepolite, as clean as you can be doing that kind of thing, and thrilled when I made a pot of coffee for them. Excellent choice on my part and service for theirs!

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