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Thread: Looking for detached house for long term rental

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    Default Looking for detached house for long term rental

    I am a retired nurse and businesswoman looking for a suitable long term lease situation in a safe part of Nanaimo. Bus service is important. I have a cat and dog, both carefully monitored. I am looking for a long term lease, minimum 5 years ideally. Need a detached house, at least two bedrooms, yard, access to dog walking areas. I am an ideal tenant, very clean and conscientious. Looking to move in the autumn of 2012.

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    I can show you the rooms available in this part but i would like to know that in what range are you looking for the rooms.
    property management nampa

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    Thank you for answering my ad, I had forgotten it was out there, yours is the first reply! I have taken on some community responsibilities in PortAlberni for the year ahead, and will stay here in the Valley for a year or two after all. I will go and remove this ad, thanks for reminding me it is out there.

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