Lantzville Foothills (The Foothills)

A cluster of rocky bluffs rise out of the forest, high above North Nanaimo and the wide part of the Salish Sea. In late 2017, ground was broken for the first phase: about 70 bare-land strata luxury lots with the most breathtaking views available in the Mid-Island region. The first phase sold well and a second phase of home sites (Broad Ridge Pass) are to be announced in spring 2018. 

The development is simply called The Foothills (there was a previous effort called "Lantzville Foothills" which failed around the time of the 2008 recession).

Development phases will span many years and will include more than 730 homes. There will be a retail village in future phases as well as multi-family and higher-density building(s), and larger 2- and 3-acre offerings in the future. 

Let me know if you'd like me to send you specific information about The Foothills as it becomes available. I'm reading all documentation as it becomes available and am representing buyers!


  • The developer requires a 10% deposit to purchase a lot.
  • For the first phase of lots, buyers have until approximately January 2019 to prepare for their home build while the developer finishes the civil infrastructure construction of the roads, sewer, water, drainage, electric, gas and hookup points.
  • Closing will proceed once all titles are registered after the civil work is completed.
  • All design guidelines must conform to the City of Lantzville Department of Land Bylaws.
  • The first well and water are approved by both Lantzville and Vancouver Island Health Authority for 103 homes.
  • This development falls within the "Pleasant Valley" zone of the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board instead of the Upper or Lower Lantzville zones.

View of Mt Benson from Lantzville Foothills

As of April 2017, the foothills are still largely undeveloped, with a system of gated roads and some lot stakes being the only sign that luxury homes will soon start to sprout from the ground. Now is a great time to hike the foothills, especially if you are considering building a custom home!

View of Gulf from Lantzville Foothills

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