Nanaimo Listing Agent - in a Seller's Market

There are signs in yards. Then they're gone. Here's how I make it happen quickly:

1. A well-calculated Price

In our heavily one-sided seller's market, your home can probably sell within a few weeks - for more than you paid for it. The stats demonstrate that this is happening in most cases. But when a listing sells quickly, it always begs the question: Could we have asked for more?

How do we find that sweet spot where "best price" and "best timeline" meet? It comes down to predicting what a buyer is likely to spend in the current market for your property.

That's a challenge for local real estate agents whose sense of current market pricing is rooted in precedent. We must study only the current year. Instead of using "instinct" we have to crunch numbers and make spreadsheets. Because inventory and sales numbers are low, we often have to get creative in order to find the most comparable sales records.

The pricing of your property is something I take very seriously. It's a lot of money. If you like my approach, call me or email me.

2. Presenting the Property

I spend aggressively to market your property:

  • Although my own photography is competent, I pay professionals to photograph all properties. I also include drone footage, Matterport virtual tours, and/or professional video at select price points.
  • I purchase Google "pay per click" ads to attract targeted (relevant) users to view your listing. Feel free to ask me how this is done.
  • gets 400-1200 pairs of eyes on it every day. Your listing will also be in MLS of course.
  • My listing description (writeup) will target the audience most likely to take interest in your property.

3. I'm Always on Hand

The current market requires agility because things happen very quickly. Agility requires availability. I don't take a listing if I don't have time to give it enough attention.

4. My Relationship with Buyer's Agents

I maintain a respectable profile in the industry, acting with integrity and friendliness in all dealings with other professionals. There is value in this! It means that more agents will want to bring their buyers over to our place.

Still reading? That says something. Maybe you should give me a try. Call me at 250-618-7827 or email me.