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I provide agency services for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the Nanaimo area.

"Agency" means that I am your fiduciary - your guy - someone trained in a particular matter who acts as an agent of your interests with confidentiality, obedience and competence. I'm legally required to put your interests ahead of mine! And that's fine with me, because I benefit when you're happy with my services.

I'm described as enthusiastic and honest, critical and approachable. I have high standards and will take your purchase or sale very seriously.

In my previous career I spent 13 years in real estate marketing here in Nanaimo. Let me put this experience to work for you.


Seasoned buyers will appreciate my no-nonsense, efficient approach. But for first-time buyers, I'm happy to explain all the basics such as how the buying process works. I can also provide an impartial perspective on the mortgage shopping you'll likely be doing.

For the old-school buyer, I'm happy to scour the listings to find something matching your needs. Or if you want to find listings yourself, I'll get you set up on a system to receive an email within minutes when new homes (matching your needs) become available.

When you want to view a home, I'll go with you. This isn't because I am "showing/selling you the home". That's a common misunderstanding and it dates from back when all real estate agents legally represented the seller! My primary role for the buyer as they shop for a home, is to know as much as possible about the home they're looking to buy, whichever home that may be.

After you've decided on a home, we work together to establish the lowest offer that is likely to be accepted (in addition to other favourable conditions such as deposit and dates). Then we must also draft and deliver that offer in the appropriate fashion, and possibly negotiate counter-offers.

Want more info? See my guide about the value of a buyer's agent in Nanaimo.


I worked in real estate marketing for 13 years before I got my license. That counts for a lot.

Follow this link to read more about my Nanaimo seller agent services.


I'm glad you were actually listen to what's important to us with our very first purchase of our real estate. I wish everyone would have the same business communications skills like you do. I appreciate your professionalism & your style of business. Thank you once again for your dedication ... your patience and your guidance ... and your business & personal skills.

Irina G

I'm currently working with Gerry as my buyers agent and I can't say enough nice things about him. Gerry is honest, knowledgable, quick to reply and always answers any of my questions. He really took time to understand what my needs and wants in terms of housing and neighbourhood are and he found the perfect place! Thank you Gerry, it is an absolute pleasure doing business with you.

Anton N

Gerry is such a solid guy. Honest, kind and genuine. He seems to know every last nook and cranny of Nanaimo, and his happy to share his knowledge of the history and secret spots. If you're looking for a down to earth agent with lots of local expertise, Gerry is the one.

Melissa V

Gerry is the most stand up and honest guy you will ever meet. He's extremely personable and I don't know a single person who doesn't like him. He knows more about Nanaimo then anyone I've ever met. I would recommend Gerry to anyone who is looking to a buy or sell a house.

Jeff W

I've had the privilege of working with Gerry in a previous career and also in his capacity as a Realtor. His attention to detail, effortless communication style, and dedication to his craft has always impressed me. A true professional, Gerry embodies old world customer service and client care. As cliche as it sounds, he actually cares for his clients and never forgets that it's our best interests he's working for. In this crowded marketplace, his approach is refreshing and easy to recommend!

Chesné Pakulak

Why 460 Realty?

A few people have asked why I chose to hang my hat with 460 Realty instead of with a "bigger" firm with a bigger brand. It's true that a larger brokerage would offer some advantages for an agent, especially in terms of attracting clients.

It wasn't a matter of choosing against the other brokerages. It was a matter of being interested in 460 Realty.

This is a very local company. The name itself refers to the length of Vancouver Island. This was the first indication, to me, that the brokerage is all about roots - and it's not trying to take over the world.

Indeed, I've seen nothing but home-town values and a cooperative work ethic since I started working at 460 Realty. I haven't heard my colleagues disparaging the other brokerages; instead I hear things like "There's plenty of work to go around, let's just concentrate on providing the best services we can". And the 460 agents want to help each other out. Most of them are on the older side of life, and have already had long careers with other brokerages; they recognize that the best business comes from a cooperative spirit and relationship building.

I'm loving it so far, and I expect to see a lot more 460 Realty signs on properties around Nanaimo in the next few years. The numbers are already impressive for a company that just opened its doors.

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