Neck Point Park

Neck Point Park is just to the north of Pipers Lagoon. Both parks have stunning views over the ocean to the mountains beyond, as well as exciting nooks and crannies to explore among the rocky bluffs and beaches. Neck Point is also known as a diving hotspot, though, and also includes more accessible terrain than Pipers Lagoon.

The park's named for a gravel bar connecting the park to a rocky "head" of igneous rock out in the water. Sea lions and sometimes even orcas pass by here, and from the tops of small cliffs (north end of the park) you can look down and see otters torpedo-ing in the shallows. A developed trail runs through most of the park, with boardwalks and lookouts.

Directions to Neck Point

Turn off Hammond Bay Road onto Morningside Drive, north of Pipers Lagoon. Or, you can park at the end of McGuffie Rd and follow a path.

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