Real Estate in Nanaimo

No better location than the inside shore of Vancouver Island

It's because of the retirees and university students. It's because the Mid-Island is a node for so many markets. It's because of the tourists spending their money. It's because our weather is the mildest in Canada.

It's all of those things – and Nanaimo's property owners couldn't be happier about it. If real estate is generally considered to be a safe investment, then ownership on Vancouver Island is safer still. People just keep moving here...(continued below)

Nanaimo Home Searches

The only website that's allowed to show all of the local real estate inventory is But if you don't mind splitting your search across multiple offices' websites, you can have a richer experience with your home search in Nanaimo. That's why we picked through everyone's websites to find the best technologies and the prettiest listings:


People just keep moving here...

And our cities keep on growing. There's new construction all over the Island, but especially in Nanaimo. Even the parts of town that traditionally seemed to sit stagnant, are being renovated and revitalized. This is the Harbour City now, the Hub City – no longer the old coal town.

Nanaimo is often thought of as an affordable alternative to Vancouver or Victoria. Those cities are much larger and have infinitely better nightlife, but Nanaimo has better access to natural beauty, and we're more likely to talk to our neighbours.

With huge options for quality growth in the next century, real estate in the mid-Island (and Nanaimo in particular) is the kind of "no-brainer" investment that is favourably tethered to the region's general prosperity.

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