Westwood Lake

A 6km walk or bike ride – around a very pretty lake – with mountain views.

Westwood is Nanaimo's most popular lake for swimming, running and walking. The landscape here creates an illusion of being farther from the city, even though Westwood Lake is only 4 km west of downtown (a 7-8 minute drive).

The well-maintained trail around the lake is 100% forest, beach, and boardwalk – it's a serene place. And if you come on a clear day, you'll get a great close-up of the mountain, and even some views of the ocean.

To get here, you will turn west onto Jinglepot Road from the Nanaimo Parkway, and then turn up Westwood Road. See the map below.

Most of the trail around the lake is for leashed dogs only, since dogs off leashes can disrupt children, dogs on leashes, waterfowl, and people who are afraid of dogs. There is a dog-off-leash area under the powerlines southwest of the lake. More info

You can reach the knoll at the northeast end of the lake quickly via a trailhead near the top of Calder Road. It's a great spot for a quick picnic or a romantic rendezvous!

Westwood Ridge

Between the lake and the mountain, there is a line of rocky ridges that make for great hiking. The ridges are criss-crossed by mossy trails, and there are lots of gorgeous viewpoints where arbutus trees and Douglas fir giants rise beside the bluffs. You can climb the ridge and be back to the laske's parking lot in two hours if you hurry.

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The Lake's History

This little valley was flooded in 1907-08 to create the lake, as a hydro-electric power source. The dam is still here. It's said that an old farm is submerged beneath the waters at the south end. And the sun-bleaced old snags stabbing skyward near the shoreline, remind us of the exquisite devastation a century ago.

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