February 2017

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This should appeal to just about everyone - have you heard? - as part of the hubbub surrounding the Rogers Hometown Hockey tour, there are a couple installations down at Maffeo Sutton Park right now (until this Sunday, Feb26).

There is FREE SKATING near the park's parking area. It's a small rink but big enough to be fun, especially for younger skaters or for people who love the park and want to say they've done everything possible, there. (Not many people can say they've skated at Maffeo Sutton - unless they're talking about before the Civic Arena was demolished!).

But the best part, I think, is the zipline that is installed and which is BY DONATION. (Donations go to a local children's cause.)

This is a rare opportunity. The zipline runs from

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The mid-Island region (and Nanaimo in particular) has seen considerable growth since the early 2000s. This was predictable in light of several local characteristics within the larger regional context:

  1. Changes to the labour pool
  2. Physical geography
  3. Vancouver's influence

A lot of resource extraction jobs vacated Nanaimo in the final decades of the 20th century. The blue-collar areas of the city decayed. Meanwhile "the suits" moved investment away from the old city, opening shopping malls and clearing large ridgetop lots north and west of Departure Bay. Many residents commented that things were too dispersed. By the 1990s, the city was spread thinly and had a clear north/south divide.

But all Nanaimo needed was more people to fill it out,

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