September 2018

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215 Sabiston location, Nanaimo BCNanaimo Council has approved the rezoning of a property in the South End (see location in the map below/right) so that a 5-unit townhouse complex can be built. 

Normally I would be distressed about the demolition of a 108-yr old building in the Old City. But in this case, the building was in poor shape anyway, and was destroyed by fire - this will surely represent an UPGRADE for the neighbourhood and will also allow for a bit more density. 

Here is the old bunkhouse building from 1910, which also had 5 units, but they were considerably smaller than what is going to be built.

1910 Bunkhouse at 215 Sabiston Rd Nanaimo

The former building was privately owned and rented out, and it looks to be the same for this new building - in other words, these units will not be stratified and sold.

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