Nanaimo Listing Agent - Let Me Sell Your Home

Detail of a listing pamphletAny old agent can take some photos and list your property on MLS, then wait for the offers. In a market with low inventory, this usually does the trick!

But for all the money you're paying, why not choose an agent who does ALL the things - like photography, video, and paid web advertising for your listing? Someone who takes each listing as a personal project instead of another number for their business assets. 

I am a professional who goes the extra mile. This page describes what you can expect when you hire me to list your property in Nanaimo, the Gulf Islands, or the rest of Vancouver Island.

My Approach to Marketing Properties

To get the most eyes on your property, the following steps are an essential part of EVERY* listing I take:

  • Professional photography – I’m good with my iPhone, but a full-time professional with an SLR camera and editing software is far more likely to show your property in its very best light. I have never listed a property without professional photos (except for a property on a remote island that I had to access by canoe – I couldn’t get a photographer to come on that trip, for some reason!). I typically use Artez Photography - a Nanaimo-based family business who does a lot of real estate photography. 
  • Video – There are two reasons why I create a video to help market every property I list. It can be very helpful for attracting buyers from out-of-area, sometimes even causing them to make an offer without waiting to visit in person. But the other reason is because of social media; I’ve found that people are far more likely to SHARE a video than a link.
    Feedback from my videos has been amazing – they have been called “authentic” and “refreshing”, owing to my personalized touch. Much more share-able that way. See below for examples.
  • Paid promotion in Facebook and Google – I pay for extra hits to your listing page from Google search results (Pay-Per-Click), so that when a user searches for “South Nanaimo rancher” or whatever the relevant keywords would be, the user is brought directly to YOUR listing instead of to the main MLS search. And to promote the video, I pay Facebook to "boost" my post; my videos generally reach 10,000-20,000 pairs of eyes as a result of this expense, which I am happy to pay.
  • Appropriate copy – I have a background in writing and I’m quite comfortable drafting a paragraph that emphasizes the saleable elements of your property. Many agents write a lot of "promo" fluff and there simply isn’t room for it when a user is scrolling through properties. Get to the point! You only have a few seconds to showcase the property's standout features.
  • I listen – When you show me around your property, you will tell me about all the things you loved when you bought it. I know that these will be the same things I need to focus on when I promote your property. If it worked before, it will work again!

*For properties with less than $100,000 list price, I reserve the right to omit the video component from the listing. For properties in very remote locations, I reserve the right to take my own photos/video (rather than bringing a professional photographer). But you can see the quality of my photography on this website; it's decent!

A Well-Calculated Price

In our heavily one-sided seller's market, your home can probably sell within a few weeks - for more than you paid for it. The stats demonstrate that this is happening in most cases. But when a listing sells quickly, it always begs the question: Could we have asked for more?

Although I'll study the comparables and use my experience to come up with the right price for your place, I am not the kind of agent to try to "talk you down" to a price that works better for me than it does for you. I've seen a lot of "successful" agents whose practice is to use their persuasive skills to get the seller to list low, and then when it sells for more than asking price, the agent thinks they should get a medal. 

The pricing of your property is something I take very seriously. It's a lot of money. If you like my approach, call me or email me.

I'm Always on Hand

The current market requires agility because things happen very quickly. Agility requires availability. I don't take a listing if I don't have time to give it enough attention.

My Relationship with Buyer's Agents

I maintain a respectable profile in the industry, acting with integrity and friendliness in all dealings with other professionals. There is value in this! It means that more agents will want to bring their buyers over to our place.

Still reading? That says something. Maybe you should give me a try. Call me at 250-618-7827 or email me.