Pipers Lagoon & Shack Island

Pipers Lagoon Park is the best, most exotic oceanside park in Nanaimo (aside from Newcastle Island, but that's not a fair contest).

The lagoon itself is the size of three football fields. You park at one end and walk along a narrow, straight dyke between the lagoon and the restless surf. The waves from the open water have created a marvellous pebbly beach. Then it gets rocky; there is some non-technical rock-climbing for those who desire it, and one larger hill covered in arbutus and Garry Oak, eagles, driftwood and views of the Strait.

Aquamarine shallows at Pipers Lagoon

Shack Island

This "island" can be reached by pedestrians during lower tides.

Shack Island is a T-shaped, exotic slice of short bluffs and rocky beach amidst the shallow waters that separate Pipers Lagoon from Neck Point to the north.

The "shacks" are rustic in appearance and are often thought to be abandoned, but really they are treasured and used as summer cabins by a lucky few descendants of the original owners. So, please be respectful of these properties if you venture there.

Nearby Neighbourhoods

Causeway at Pipers Lagoon

Park Location

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