Parks, Places, and Hikes

Nanaimo has vast tracts of green space – by the water, in the hills, and everywhere in between. See below for the most complete list of Nanaimo parks, hikes, and places that are just plain interestin'.

If you're new in town, we highly recommend that you treat this page as your checklist of things to do in Nanaimo. And most of all, we insist that nobody should say "there's nothing to do in Nanaimo" until they've crossed some of these off of their list.

Hiking around Nanaimo

The beauty of this region stands out especially well from great heights. Hiking in Nanaimo is a rewarding way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or a Friday night!

Nanaimo is a big strip between ocean and mountain, which means you're never far from a trailhead. You don't really need to find out where they are; just head inland, and you'll hit the power lines that run the city's length. Follow them to a trail coming out of the second growth forest. Turn up this new trail, and you're guaranteed to end up on some lookout like Westwood Ridge, Roberts Roost or Mount Benson itself.

Discuss your favourite trails, learn about more lookouts, and find hiking buddies on our Nanaimo Hiking Forum.