This is a pretty little lake about 6 acres in size in the middle of nowhere - it's 400m above sea level, on the low hills between Mt Benson and the Nanaimo River. The lake has some history, because the road going past this lake was once THE road to the Nanaimo Lakes area (Nanaimo River Road was built more recently).

The place where the main road passes close to the lake, has seen some abuse. It seems that some people go there to practice shooting, and they leave a lot of trash behind. But every other part of the lake has a pristine quality - it is very quiet up there!

To access Barsby Lake you can turn west off Nanaimo Lakes Rd (there is a Y near the road's summit, just north of where the power lines cross Nanaimo Lake Rd), or you can approach from Nanaimo River Rd about 6km upstream from Nanaimo Lakes Rd (Gogo turnoff), but these are forestry lands, and gates will likely force you to walk/bike from the road. 

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