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Sprawled on a huge flat piece of land beside the ocean, Cedar is almost as large as the rest of Nanaimo combined (see the map at the bottom of this page). It's mostly rural with good land for farming and a few sizeable lakes. Aside from the open farm spaces, there are also some low rocky ridges creating very private wilderness settings.

There is a small commercial area with restaurants, groceries, a pub, and hardware. The homes around these services are naturally zoned to be on smaller lots, so there is a recent subdivision nearest to the stores (5000 sqft lots), and then an older development behind, with quarter acre properties from the 80s/90s. This is a great family oriented neighbourhood, especially if you want to be able to stretch out into a larger yard while still being close to essentials.

Swimmers at the Nanaimo River as it passes through Cedar near the oceanThe rural parts of Cedar are a very "undiscovered" region for most people, with wide open spaces and large recreation areas, including seaside parks and trail systems. The Nanaimo River also passes through Cedar, creating some amazing swimming experiences.

Most properties in Cedar have septic systems and wells, though some do have municipal water - especially near to the "downtown" commercial district on Cedar Rd where you'll find the old Wheatsheaf Pub and the 49th Parallel Grocery.

It should be noted that there is a small neighbourhood called "Cedar by the Sea" at the end of Barnes Rd, overlooking a beautiful oceanscape and islands. It also has municipal water in places. This is where the early 20th-century cult leader Brother XII had his land (also on the nearby islands). Some people mistakenly use "Cedar By the Sea" to refer to the entire Cedar area, but ... they are mistaken.

Some parts of Cedar are affected by proximity to the big regional landfill, or to the pulp and paper mill (HARMAC) and other industrial properties in the Duke Point area. Most of these are only rarely an issue, depending on the winds, as long as you don't live too close. Something to be aware of!

Highlights of Cedar real estate:

  • Properties backing onto Nanaimo River or near the ocean
  • Equestrian, ranch, and farm properties
  • Many large lots & acreages - some of these are quite affordable because they have manufactured homes on them. Tip: Land is cheaper when it's ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve); the drawback is that there are additional restrictions in how you can use the land.
  • 10-20 minutes from Duke Point, downtown Nanaimo, or VIU

Properties for Sale in Cedar

Satellite map showing context of Cedar BC on Vancouver Island with landmarks

Yellow Point Area

The Yellow Point area is arguably a part of Cedar. It's over the district line in the Cowichan Valley Regional District, but otherwise it's very similar to the rest of Cedar, except it's even more rural. It's a beautiful area with lots of ridges and little lakes and rolling meadows, and some properties have beautiful oceanfront and even beaches. Tons of privacy here!

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