Since Nanaimo was booming through the Victorian, Edwardian, and pre/post-war eras, we have a huge stock of period homes that have been lovingly maintained and/or restored.

A lot of old-growth forest was being harvested and processed when these homes were built, which means that the highest-quality lumber was available. The result is that old character homes in Nanaimo were built with good materials - and with the builders' costs being low, they were able to invest in other areas of the construction, such as interior details and grand porches. See below for my curated list of character homes currently for sale.

If you're selling your old home in the Nanaimo area, I'd love to help you get the price your home deserves. My home was built in 1912 and I can't imagine selling it to a buyer who doesn't appreciate its unique qualities! If you want my help, please contact me.

Character Home Listings

Note: There is an official "heritage building" designation recognized by the City of Nanaimo. The discussion and heritage properties listed on this page do not necessarily match the requirements set out by the City.