The north part of Jingle Pot starts at the far end of Westwood Lake and runs almost to Brannen Lake. It's a sloped area, running from the Mt Benson foothills down to the valley of the Millstream/Millstone, then up the other side to the Parkway.

There is quite a bit of newer development here:

  1. Near the north end of Jingle Pot Rd (Parkway & Mostar Rd), there are residential subdivisions with lot sizes usually in the 7000-9000 sqft range. Some of the developments are recent (2019-2021), while most were built from 2000-2010. This is a very convenient, central location within 5 minutes of major malls, or 10 minutes from ferries or downtown.
  2. Going south from here, Jingle Pot Rd drops into a rural valley and then climbs again, through farmlands and forests, turning to the left/east and running along the lower foothills of Mt Benson, back toward the ocean. This area has many fine equestrian properties, old farmhouses, and newer luxury homes. Once you cross McNeil Creek by the power substation, you are back in "South Jingle Pot" according to the real estate board's boundaries. But the area to the north of here, the old properties along Maxey Rd and Durnin Rd - they are also considered to be part of "North Jingle Pot".
  3. Development has encroached farther up the mountain in recent years. This hilly area around Jameson Rd and Meadow Dr features large estate properties with $3M homes, creeks, and many amazing views across the valley, or back toward the steep looming faces on this part of Mt Benson.

Properties in North Jingle Pot

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