Downtown Nanaimo - also referred to as the Old City - is shaped like a half bowl. At the bottom of the bowl is the harbourfront, commercial district, and condos. Then there are about 18 city blocks of single family homes arranged on the slope of the bowl, overlooking downtown and the harbour.

It's a very convenient place to live, especially if you work downtown, or commute to Vancouver, or attend VIU, or don't want to pay for taxis back from events downtown.

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First, let's clarify that the Old City referred to on this page is not to be confused with the much smaller "Old City Quarter" centered on Fitzwilliam Street. I'm referring to the "Old City" region defined by VIREB (real estate board) which is bordered by the Millstream in the north, down Pine St. to where Fifth St. meets Old Victoria, then up to Milton St., down Milton to the water, and back up to the Millstream Estuary. (See map below)

There are about 800 single-family homes in this area, the majority of which might be called "character homes" by virtue of the architectural details which survive from construction in the 1890s-1940s. These include solid old-growth timber construction, craftsman front porches with chunky pillars and wide steps, and stained glass windows.

Note: Even the most desirable neighbourhoods in the Old City can be just a block away from a less desirable area. I know the area well and would be happy to discuss it with you. Contact me.

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