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Lantzville is its own municipality right on Nanaimo's northern border. Most homes in Lantzville are just a few minutes' drive to major shopping, rocky beaches, or walking trails. Once a sleepy rural town (after being a raucous coal mine community 100 years ago), Lantzville's real estate is seeing a huge surge in demand as Nanaimo fills out.

Not all of Lantzville's properties enjoy municipal water and sewer services, so be sure to inquire about the well/septic situation when you're considering a property here.

There are lots of old homes and farmhouses here, as well as gorgeous luxury homes - and many of these are on prime low-bank waterfront lots. It's typical to find very large yards, here.

"Lower Lantzville" is a term used to distinguish the lower part of Lantzville (near the water) versus the "upper" part that is on the hills above the highway.

Homes in Lantzville (Lower)

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Map showing Upper vs Lower Lantzville