Valdes Island is only accessible by boat, and is largely undeveloped. There are some vacation homes near the water, mainly on the eastern shore which slopes down to the water and faces out into the Gulf. The western shore faces into the protected waters nearer Vancouver Island, but is mostly characterized by high cliffs.

There are no services on the island. Property owners bring water in, or they collect rainwater - I believe there are only a handful of drilled wells on the island. A septic system could be approved to be installed, though it would be made difficult due to the inaccessibility, the nature of the ground, and covenants which ensure that extra diligence is exercised by anyone seeking to build a system on difficult ground close to the ocean. 

The relative lack of property development on Valdes Island is largely due to access issues; the subdivision of lots is mainly on the open-ocean side of the island, making docks problematic. Therefore, access to those properties requires some guts, or fair weather. There are some small coves/bays with minor protection from the winds and currents, so it is typical for property owners to anchor their boats in these bays, dinghy to shore, and walk the shoreline or the interior pathways to their cabins.

The middle third of the island is "Indian reserve" associated with the Lyackson First Nation, but I think at this time they do not make any permanent residential use of that land. 

I have listed/sold two properties on Valdes Island so far, and I would love to go there again! Contact me if you want me to list your Valdes Island property.

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