A lot of Nanaimo condo construction is underway, with developments rising up all over the map. Multi-family sales and values have been trending slightly more positively than the values of detached homes - probably in relation to demand from an ageing population, an older demographic among immigrants, and a wider tendency for people to buy into smaller yard spaces.

The municipalities are also fully on board - their plans and visions for development are focused on increasing density in certain corridor areas. I can imagine a beautiful modern city (more beautiful, and more modern) after another 10-20 years of responsible condo development in Nanaimo and other mid-Island cities.

And finally - I should note the spectacular ocean and mountain views available throughout the city - where else can you find mountain and ocean view condos, close to the amenities Nanaimo offers - for this price?

See condo listings below, or read my page which explains what strata properties are all about.

Nanaimo Condo Listings (newest first)

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Would you like to see strata fees, or perhaps a more FILTERED LIST of properties? Maybe you only want to see apartment-style condos, or just townhomes, or maybe you dislike ground floors, or want a place that allows rentals. I can create a search notification for you in our MLS board's database - it will send you new listing emails, AND it also lets you see things I'm not allowed to show on my website, like strata fees and sale prices. Just contact me, and let me know what your search criteria would be, including geographical range, price, minimum square feet, etc.!

Condos & Townhomes in Brechin/Newcastle

Condos & Townhomes in Central Nanaimo

Condos & Townhomes in Departure Bay

Condos & Townhomes in Diver Lake

Condos & Townhomes in Hammond Bay

At this time, there is only one building strata in the whole area of (what the board calls) Hammond Bay!

Condos & Townhomes in North Nanaimo

Condos & Townhomes in the Old City

Condos & Townhomes in Pleasant Valley

Condos & Townhomes in South Nanaimo

Condos & Townhomes in University District

Condos & Townhomes in Uplands

Information About Stratas in BC

Parking & Storage

When parking spaces and storage lockers are included with a condo unit, the FORM of the ownership may vary:

  • It may be considered PART of the strata unit, just like the bedroom, etc.
  • It may be done as a long-term lease (documents will be available)
  • It may be common property, meaning that its use is determined by strata vote - in such cases, the strata has allocated the asset TO that unit, but it can be un-allocated in the future (e.g., in a re-shuffle intended to make things more equitable, such as if a new owner moves in and has greater mobility needs)
  • It may be limited common property, which means that although it's common property, it is designated as being for the use of your unit and that can't be taken away except by unanimous strata vote (which means you would have to agree)

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