How can I possibly communicate the importance and beauty of Nanaimo River to readers who haven't spent a summer there?

For many locals, the Nanaimo River dominates all summer plans. It is not a matter of what to do on a given day, but rather which part of the river to go to. It's Nanaimo's most refreshing playground - deep and clean, and contoured beautifully in many places.

One of the best ways to enjoy Nanaimo River is to swim or "tube" downstream for a long stretch, with a car parked at either end. As you close the door of the car upstream, make sure you're wearing nothing but a swimsuit and goggles (old, ratty shoes are optional). Note, however, that this is only recommended for people who know the river well. The river has claimed many lives, because it has whitewater and hidden hazards, even in some places that look safe.

Here's a gallery of photos I've taken at the river over the years. If you like what you see, I'd suggest that you move here.

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Cassidy Bridge over Nanaimo River

Gently churning water at Nanaimo River

Mossy bed over Nanaimo River

 Nanaimo River chute & canyon

Whitewater in March at Nanaimo River

Bathers at Nanaimo River

Over under photo at Nanaimo River

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