Cairn on a rocky bluff at the Linley Valley trail system, NanaimoThe Linley Valley is a 145-acre greenspace in north Nanaimo, a network of misty trails with a calm beauty. It is very lush and full of deer, with some lakes and ponds and creeks, wooden bridges, and high ridgelines.

The main trails here are well-marked and well maintained, so it's a great place for visitors with mobility issues. But if you make your way to the higher spaces, you'll be rewarded with some nice views over Departure Bay to Newcastle Island and downtown, or to Mt Benson, or across the Salish Sea.

Pictured here is a cairn of stones near the southeast corner of the park area, on a bluff looking south to Departure Bay and downtown Nanaimo. These stones were hauled by a long distance cyclist whose training included hikes in the area; he would load the stones into bags and carried them up the hill! I assume he is also the one who assembled them into the cairn formation.

Stream in Linley Valley

Nearby Neighbourhoods

Linley Valley Protected

The Linley Valley was slated for residential development but was saved in 2003 by the people and government of the City, and by a campaign spearheaded by the Nanaimo Area Land Trust (NALT). Good thing, too. This is a large parkspace that is incredibly valuable for the people of Nanaimo.

Where to Park

There are lots of ways into this system; mapped below is the Burma Rd entrance, but there are also many other access points including at Linley Valley Drive and Rock City Road.

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