Fishing dock at Long LakeLong Lake is a nice big lake right in the middle of North Nanaimo, between the Uplands and Diver Lake areas. There are some water accesses and small trails at various parts of the lake, but the main one is at Loudon Park on the south side of the lake. There is a boat launch, a walking trail, a sandy swimming beach with two swimfloats offshore, and a small fishing dock.

The beach feels very urban. The highway runs past, and power boats are allowed on the lake; some of the luxury homes across the lake even have float planes. But the water is warm for swimming in the summer, and the lake is convenient to most areas of town. Admittedly, it gets a bit crowded in the summer - it's not a big beach!

There is some good urban fishing here as the lake is stocked regularly.

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Long Lake aerial view looking east

Where is Long Lake?

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