Nanaimo MHPs Which MAY Allow for Larger Dogs

Most manufactured home parks regulate the types and sizes of pets that can live in (or visit) their Park. Most parks have a hard line in their rules against dogs over 10kg, and although I have seen some of them make exceptions from time to time, it's not usually worth your time to look at a home in a Park, and if you like it, you THEN ask the manager whether they'd make an exception!

I have gone through the rules for each park from Lantzville to Cedar, checking into the stated rules for dog sizes. Here is a list of the 9 parks which allow pets, and which don't explicitly restrict dogs according to their size (that I could see). DOWN BELOW I have also included a list of all current homes for sale in these 9 parks.

Please note that rules are subject to change, and some of the rules I was reading were old documents. Therefore, this information should not be counted upon for accuracy!


Maple Glen Estates (7071 Lantzville Rd)
White Pines (7134 Blackjack Dr)
Parkland (6820 Parklands Place)

North Nanaimo

Deerwood (3950 Biggs Rd) – Addresses in this park are all on the following Drives: Deerwood, Excalibur, Honey Locust, King Arthur, Magnolia, Maplewood, Merlin, Mimosa, Valewood.

South Nanaimo

Park Lane (971 Douglas Ave)
Meadow Ridge Estates (295 9th St; Addresses will be on Myrtle Crescent and Aspen Way)
Chase River (1226 Lawlor Rd)


Cedar Meadow (Brown's) (1385 MacMillan Rd)
Cassidy (1572 Seabird Rd) - No outside pets unless yard is fenced.

Current Mobile Homes in These Parks

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