Mt Wesley lies along the north side of Cameron Lake (between Qualicum and Port Alberni). When you're driving along Cameron Lake toward Cathedral Grove, Mt Wesley is the steep mountain seen across the lake.

The mountain has three peaks; the summit (906m) is adjacent to the west end of the lake, with the middling peak (820m) to the east, and the lowest peak (695m) overlooking the east part of Cameron Lake. 

The trail runs along the entire ridge. You can start at the "easy" end near Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park, walking 2.4km and gaining 467m in the process. If that sounds too easy, try starting at Cathedral Grove and heading straight to the summit: you'll climb 700m in just 2.7km of trail.

The next photo shows some juniper berries growing on top of the ridge in mid-July. They aren't great to eat (they aren't poisonous either), but they have a very "refreshing" flavour of gin. No surprise there, since juniper is one of gin's main ingredients. But - check it out if you find some!

common juniper bush with berries in July

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