My Previous SALES 

Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether an agent actually has relevant experience, vs. whether they are just good at promoting themselves. The list below should give a sense of my background in real estate (since February 2017), showing a breadth of interests and experience.

In each case, I represented either the buyer OR the seller, and I always acted alone (i.e., not as a co-agent; I did all of the things). 

HOUSES I've Sold

501 6th Ave, Campbell River
1162 Maple Bay Rd, Duncan
825 Intervale Ave, Esquimalt
1510 Peterson Rd, Gabriola Island
394 Davis Rd, Ladysmith
519 Davis Rd, Ladysmith
921 Hannington Rd, Ladysmith
690 Coho Blvd, Mudge Island
396 5th St, Nanaimo
455 Alpen Way, Nanaimo
319 Applewood Cres, Nanaimo
343 Applewood Cres, Nanaimo
5547 Avro Way, Nanaimo
673 Beaconsfield Rd, Nanaimo
460 Bruce Ave, Nanaimo (x2)
395 Chestnut St, Nanaimo
385 Poet's Trail Drive, Nanaimo
43 Kanaka Place, Nanaimo
4864 Black Bear Ridge, Nanaimo
4819 Bridgewood Close, Nanaimo
826 Bruce Ave, Nanaimo
920 Cadogan St, Nanaimo
2996 Canyon Rd, Nanaimo
7755 Clark Dr, Nanaimo

4923 Denford Pl, Nanaimo
5109 Dunn Pl, Nanaimo
244 Emery Way, Nanaimo
1302 Fielding Rd, Nanaimo (x2)
824 Fitzwilliam St, Nanaimo
6274 Forest Cres, Nanaimo
3841 Glen Oaks Dr, Nanaimo
2415 Glenayr Dr, Nanaimo
2540 Greenway Rd, Nanaimo
961 Haliburton St, Nanaimo
725 Hamilton Ave, Nanaimo
5531 Hammond Bay Rd, Nanaimo
637 Hillcrest Ave, Nanaimo
90 Kerr St, Nanaimo
2053 Lakeside Dr, Nanaimo
128 Manning St, Nanaimo
518 Marisa St, Nanaimo
3773 Marjorie Way, Nanaimo
3437 Maveric Rd, Nanaimo (x2)
133 McKeown Way, Nanaimo
1848 Meadowlark Cres, Nanaimo
1917 Meredith Rd, Nanaimo
5433 Metral Dr, Nanaimo
632 Milton St, Nanaimo

2025 Mountain Vista Dr, Nanaimo
170 Nottingham Dr, Nanaimo
3633 Planta Rd, Nanaimo
215 Prideaux St, Nanaimo
2570 Rosstown Rd, Nanaimo
1643 Sherwood Dr, Nanaimo
532 Steeves Rd, Nanaimo
108 Tannis Way, Nanaimo
706 Townsite Rd, Nanaimo
5889 Turner Rd, Nanaimo
418 Watfield Ave, Nanaimo
3635 Sandra Rd, Nanaimo
805 Wentworth St, Nanaimo
189 Westwood Rd, Nanaimo
2250 Coventry Pl, Nanoose Bay
3314 Rockhampton Rd, Nanoose Bay
1765 Sea Ridge Dr, Nanoose Bay
2765 Transtide Drive, Nanoose Bay
215 McKinnon St, Parksville
805 Sunray Close, Parksville
3649 7th Ave, Port Alberni
549 Hall Rd, Qualicum
6395 Island W Hwy, Qualicum
4333 Sanderson Rd, Texada Island


25-1150 Walkem Rd, Ladysmith
45-941 Malone Rd, Ladysmith
211-1150 Walkem Rd, Ladysmith
45-507 9th St, Nanaimo
5205-999 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo
1302-1097 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo
106-2560 Departure Bay Rd, Nanaimo
303-2815 Departure Bay Rd, Nanaimo (x2)

103-1720 Dufferin Cres, Nanaimo
217A-6231 Blueback Rd, Nanaimo
402-5660 Edgewater Lane, Nanaimo (x2)
303-104 Esplanade St, Nanaimo
302-119 Haliburton St, Nanaimo
38-285 Harewood Rd, Nanaimo
47-855 Howard Ave, Nanaimo
6000 Leah Lane, Nanaimo

6-1656 Meredith Rd, Nanaimo
8-25 Pryde Ave, Nanaimo
601-540 Stewart Ave, Nanaimo
202-4720 Uplands Dr, Nanaimo
105-4724 Uplands Dr, Nanaimo
204-160 Vancouver Ave, Nanaimo
100-835 Varsity Way, Nanaimo (x2)
612A Widgeon Pl, Nanaimo


18-1927 Tzouhalem Rd, Duncan
28-541 Jim Cram Dr, Ladysmith
12-7071 Lantzville Rd, Lantzville
23-80 5th St, Nanaimo
33-80 5th St, Nanaimo
356 Aspen Way, Nanaimo (x2)

14-3449 Hallberg Rd, Nanaimo
40-3560 Hallberg Rd, Nanaimo
17-5931 Island Highway, Nanaimo
15-25 Maki Rd, Nanaimo
2-1572 Seabird Rd, Nanaimo
50-1572 Seabird Rd, Nanaimo

1923 Valley Oak Dr, Nanaimo
1931 Valley Oak Dr, Nanaimo
266-2465 Apollo Dr, Nanoose Bay
110-1391 Price Rd, Parksville
42-150 Corfield St N, Parksville


4050 Park Rd, Denman Island
621 Wildwood Cres, Gabriola Island
Lt 6 Dirksen Rd, Gabriola Island
Lt 10 Weathers Way, Mudge Island
36 Ling Cod Lane, Mudge Island
Lt 120 Herring Hts, Mudge Island

Lt 75 Coho Blvd, Mudge Island
Lt B Virago Rd, Nanaimo
Lt 4 Ruxton Island
Lt 18 Ruxton Island
Lt 31 Ruxton Island

Lt 37 Ruxton Island
Lt 38 Ruxton Island
Lt 43 Ruxton Island
Lt 13 Valdes Island
Lt 335 Valdes Island

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