Nanaimo's New Home Subdivisions

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New Homes and Lots in Nanaimo

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3560 Bonnie Dr, Nanaimo


3560 Bonnie Dr, Nanaimo

3 Beds 4 Baths 3,207 SqFt 15,682 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 963993

Century 21 Harbour Realty Ltd.

55 Acacia Ave, Nanaimo


55 Acacia Ave, Nanaimo

6 Beds 4 Baths 2,425 SqFt 4,356 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 970599

RE/MAX of Nanaimo

3230 Ferguson Rd, Nanaimo


3230 Ferguson Rd, Nanaimo

4 Beds 3 Baths 3,934 SqFt 118,919 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 970024

RE/MAX of Nanaimo

1217 Manzanita Pl 106, Nanaimo


1217 Manzanita Pl 106, Nanaimo

4 Beds 4 Baths 1,855 SqFt 0 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 969383

RE/MAX of Nanaimo

2390 Barclay Rd, Nanaimo


2390 Barclay Rd, Nanaimo

6 Beds 4 Baths 2,856 SqFt 4,792 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 969231

Royal LePage Nanaimo Realty (NanIsHwyN)

270 Prince John Way, Nanaimo


↓ $24,100

270 Prince John Way, Nanaimo

5 Beds 4 Baths 3,196 SqFt 10,019 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 969019

Royal LePage Parksville-Qualicum Beach Realty (PK)

4524 Suncrest Rd, Nanaimo


4524 Suncrest Rd, Nanaimo

5 Beds 3 Baths 2,352 SqFt 4,792 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 969204

460 Realty Inc. (NA)

976 Bruce Ave, Nanaimo


976 Bruce Ave, Nanaimo

3 Beds 3 Baths 1,549 SqFt 7,406 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 969095

Sutton Group-West Coast Realty (Nan)

1047 Harewood Mines Rd, Nanaimo


1047 Harewood Mines Rd, Nanaimo

4 Beds 4 Baths 3,231 SqFt 6,099 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 969075

HOMELAB Real Estate Group

386 Avaani Way, Nanaimo


386 Avaani Way, Nanaimo

5 Beds 3 Baths 2,418 SqFt 6,534 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 968849

Royal LePage Parksville-Qualicum Beach Realty (QU)

Lot 27 Fern Ridge Pl, Nanaimo


Lot 27 Fern Ridge Pl, Nanaimo

3 Beds 3 Baths 2,642 SqFt 7,841 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 968113

HOMELAB Real Estate Group

5707 Vanderneuk Rd, Nanaimo


5707 Vanderneuk Rd, Nanaimo

5 Beds 4 Baths 3,611 SqFt 0 SqFt Lot Single Family Detached MLS® # 968541

Sutton Group-West Coast Realty (Nan)

There are some new home developments that LOOK like a traditional "freehold" subdivision but are technically a strata.
Bare land strata
: In these subdivisions, you DO OWN your lot and house 100%, but you also own and maintain a share of the infrastructure (sewer pipes, streetlights, roads). A bare land strata will also have bylaws (not usually onerous) and there will be low strata fees.
Building strata: A collection of detached homes can be set up as a building strata, which usually means the exteriors/roofs are common property, and their maintenance is a shared responsibility. Expect higher strata fees.

Upcoming Subdivision Projects around Nanaimo

Big Lots on Extension Rd

Preliminary acceptance was granted for 11 lots to be subdivided from a larger parcel along Extension Rd, right at the bend heading into the village of Extension (see image below). The lots will all be 13,000 sqft+, by the looks of it. 

There will be full services to the lots because the location falls within the most southerly extent of the City of Nanaimo, as shown on the map below the satellite image.

If you'd like to be kept in the loop, just leave me a message.

Location of proposed subdivided lots near Extension, BC

4 & 8 Leam Rd, Diver Lake Area

This location is just west of Bowen Rd, across from the playground at Beban Park. These 13 freehold lots surround a cul-de-sac and range from about 5145-6950 sqft each. They are currently listed (Feb2024) for $389,900 or $399,900.

If you'd like to be kept in the loop, just leave me a message.

Location of planned subdivision at 4 & 8 Leam Rd, Nanaimo

Leam Rd subdivision, Nanaimo - aerial photo taken before construction

2186 Jingle Pot Rd

(Still in approval application stage)
There's an application for redevelopment of this 4-acre property as a little cul-de-sac area with 13 new lots. This is very near to the location of the Jingle Pot mine from the first decades of the 20th century (a geo-technical assessment is likely a part of the re-development application process). This will be a very convenient location, and probably surrounded on all sides by trees. However, noise from the Parkway will certainly be a factor.

Image showing approximate location of the 13-lot subdivision proposed for 2186 Jingle Pot Rd in Nanaimo

Trailside Way (1045 Harewood Mines Rd)

This 10-acre property at 1045 Harewood Mines Rd has been under development for a few years; Tycott Contracting is building 23 single-family homes and 7 full duplexes; as of February 2024 there are several stately homes built/sold and construction is ongoing, with two of the homes listed for sale.

The plan includes dedicated park space beginning at the lower end of the property where there is a wetland, and extending up the ravine beyond the marsh to a flat forested area overlooking it all. The location is on the way to "The Abyss", less than 1km south of Colliery Dams Park — accessible from the top of 7th St above John Barsby School.

Addresses are on "Trailside Rd" and "Fern Ridge Pl".

If you'd like to be notified of any updates, contact me!

1045 Harewood Mines Rd map

Hawthorne Estates (second buildout)

In the mid-2000s there was an initial phase of homes built near Buttertubs Marsh in the University District. Almost twenty years later, Hawthorne is still recognized as a very desirable neighbourhood. About half of the land was left undeveloped until recently.

This newer phase appears to be characterized by larger homes than the first phase, with more secondary suites. And while the first phase was characterized by a lot of tree-planting (and those trees have matured very well), such trees are noticeably missing in this newer phase. However, there are great mountain views, and the homes are looking good.

If you would like more information about Hawthorne, I'm happy to help. Contact me.

Aerial image showing the newest phase of Hawthorne Estates in Nanaimo's University District

Ambience Drive

This is a new street built high on the hill above Hammond Bay, looking north past Neck Point Park to the wide ocean gulf. Some houses have already been built and have sold in the $1.3M-$1.7M range, with more bare lots and houses available for purchase.

The lots are in the 7000-9000 sqft range, and are arranged so that the ocean-side homes can have walkout basements facing the ocean, and the lots on the other side of the road can sit high enough to look over their neighbours' roofs.

If you would like more information about this opportunity, I'm happy to help. Contact me.

Showing location of Ambience Drive in the context of topography and proximity to ocean

Golden Oaks Crescent

This is a new subdivision just off Hammond Bay Road, a few blocks south of Pipers Lagoon. The lots and pre-sale homes were listed as early as 2018, with development continuing to this day (Feb 2024). 

Satellite image showing location of Golden Oaks Crescent subdivision in Nanaimo

Harbour View St and Hogler Cres

This small subdivision overlooks the harbour from a prominence at Nanaimo's South End, between the highway and Old Victoria Rd - near Alice's Restaurant. (This was the site of the historic Hunt Estate that burned down in the 2000s, and there was also a convent on the property, its foundations still visible before this subdivision was cleared).

I haven't seen a name for this development, but the lots are on two streets: Harbour View Street and Hogler Crescent. Many/all of the lots were listed as vacant land in mid-2021, and the first homes started to be listed in May 2022. Some homes are completed while other lots are still available to purchase. Prices reflect the ocean views but are also kept lower by the neighbourhood's proximity to less-prestigious areas of town. 

The Island Highway (Nicol St) is visible at the lower-right in this photo. 

Aerial image showing Nanaimo and harbour in the background, with new subdivision under construction (Harbour View St) in the foreground

8th St Extension

Until the early 2020s, 8th St ended at Howard Ave. But now, the forest is cleared and there is a new subdivision. It's a high point overlooking Harewood as you can see below; many of these homes have great views!

The location is very close to John Barsby Secondary School as well as to the new Quality Foods at Bruce Ave (both are visible below).

Addresses are on 8th St, and also Monga, Rotayo, and Shante Roads.

As of February 2024, many homes are built and there is one listed for sale. See any current listings here: "Upper Harewood" new homes.

Aerial photo showing the cleared subdivision at 8th St and Howard Ave in Nanaimo, with autumnal Harewood and  the ocean in the background

Victoria Estates on Old Victoria Rd - Bare Land Subdivision

Lots all sold, homes may be offered
This is a bare land strata subdivision with no building scheme (no specific rules about consistency in the houses' designs, etc.). All of the 20 lots were listed and sold out in late 2020. As I write in Feb 2024, I am unsure whether any of the houses are under construction, yet. 

The location is along Old Victoria Rd in the South End, just past 7th St and the recycling centre. There are 20 lots averaging about 5550 sqft each, lined up with their backs to the E&N Railway. (The railway is barely used for rail anymore, and is expected to be repurposed as a recreational trailway at some point - but this is not guaranteed.)

As you can see in the satellite image below, in which I have exaggerated the topography, these lots are near to the cliffs that run along the side of the road. The wetland below those cliffs will be reserved as dedicated parkland, which makes me wonder: Will a trail be built along the base of those cliffs? I sure hope so!

Let me know if you'd like to be notified when the finished houses are listed for sale!

Satellite image showing location of the proposed bare land strata subdivision at 857 Victoria Rd, Nanaimo

Photo showing partially developed subdivision at Old Victoria Rd bare land subdivision

Williamson Rd Subdivision

Status: Dead?
This 5 acre hillside property is between Hammond Bay Rd and the ocean, close to Piper's Pub and Fillinger Crescent. There were plans for a 20-lot subdivision, whose homes would have sweeping south-facing views, looking across to the steep slopes above Lost Lake and Linley Valley. This was proposed in the early 2020s but the parcel was listed for sale in 2023 and possibly not sold.

5300 Williamson Rd subdivision context map

Arbor Park

Location map for Arbor Park new homes in Nanaimo

Phase 2 pending
This development is VERY central, being close to the Northfield exit off the Nanaimo Parkway. The neighbourhood is sloped and enjoys some big mountain views.

The first phase of Arbor Park was called Perch; its homes were built with a continuity of craftsman designs (reminiscent of the Hawthorne neighbourhood in the University District). That phase sold out in late 2020, and the next phase seems poised (as of Feb2024) to break ground.

Ridgeline of Cottle Place

Status: Pending(?)
These 24 units (duplexes, triplexes and single family homes) will be built on top of a ridge near Pipers Lagoon and Stephenson Point, near the border of Departure Bay and Hammond Bay. The ocean and island views will be spectacular.

I don't know anything about a timeline at this point - an application was made to the city in 2018 and approved, and then it was renewed in 2020; it expires in May 2024.

I'll be keeping an eye on this development. If you'd like me to keep you updated, please contact me!

Ridgeline of Cottle Place development, Nanaimo - location map

The Foothills

Build your new home with the best outlook available. These bare land strata lots above Lantzville and Pleasant Valley offer luxurious views of the Salish Sea, North Nanaimo, Mount Benson, the BC Coastal Mountain range, the Winchelsea Islands, Nanoose Bay, Brannen Lake and Green Lake, and Rutherford Ridge.

Read more about The Foothills.

View from The Foothills, Nanaimo

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