New Development Projects in Nanaimo

This section lists new home developments in Nanaimo, whether they are bare land strata or regular strata. But what's the difference? First, understand that in both cases, the owner has total ownership over their own space, but then they also have a share in the common property outside of that space. The difference lies in what is owned vs. what is shared:

Bare Land Strata:
The owners have sole possession (freehold ownership) of their piece of the land and everything within it, including any buildings. However, owners may still be subject to bylaws that govern their homes' placement, colours, materials, landscaping, fencing, etc. They have a share in the common property, which may include the street(s), underlying infrastructure, and the land underlying any roads or shared greenspace. Their strata fees are much lower because they only need to maintain the shared sewer, water, powerlines, etc. Summary: You own a piece of land and your whole house; you have a shared interest in roads, etc.

See my list of land developments farther down the page (jump there now) which includes bare land strata developments as well as freehold ones.

Regular Strata:
Each owner has freehold ownership over the inside of their unit, measured roughly from mid-way inside each wall. Everything else within the property and airspace (ducts & pipes, roof, parking lots & gardens), is considered common property and everyone shares ownersip of it. Summary: You own everything insides your space, but you share ownership of the exterior of the building and the land parcel.

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The Ridge (Glen Oaks area)

High on a ridge above Pipers Lagoon and Departure Bay, there is a beautiful newer neighbourhood along Glen Oaks Drive. The homes here are very modern and attractive, upscale but not as expensive as similar homes on larger lots. There are some small multi-family buildings as well as detached homes. At the top of the development, the road loops around an undeveloped space that will soon be built-it with duplexes and detached homes like you see below. Note, these homes are not expected to have big views because the neighbourhood is surrounded by forest. However, the feeling of being high up is rather palpable - it feels very West Coast and the architecture supports that.

Sketch plan of The Ridge, a new development coming to Nanaimo

Williamson Rd Subdivision

This 5 acre hillside property is between Hammond Bay Rd and the ocean, close to Piper's Pub and Fillinger Crescent. There are plans for a 20-lot subdivision; these homes will have sweeping south-facing views, looking across to the steep slopes above Lost Lake and Linley Valley. UPDATE: On Mar19/'21 this application was cancelled but I think that is just a red-tape blip and it will be back on the table.

5300 Williamson Rd subdivision context map

Wellington View

(Sunview Rd addresses)

Wellington View, new Nanaimo subdivision - location map

This is a great piece of land sloping south with panoramic mountain views, in an extremely central location just south of Long Lake (see image for rough location). Plans include about 25 lots, many of which will have detached duplexes (2 detached homes sharing a stratified lot, not much different from a "regular" home on its own lot). This will allow for the greatest density while still giving every resident their own house and a bit of yard. Did I mention the mountain views?

The land was cleared in 2019 and construction began in 2020. Five bare lots were sold through MLS in mid-2020 and (as of March 2021) three detached half-duplexes and a detached house have also sold, with more homes being listed for sale with addresses on the newly registered "Sunview Rd".

Contact me for more information

Trailside Way

(1045 Harewood Mines Rd)

The City has granted a permit for Rega Properties Ltd (developer of Meredith Courts and a lot of SFDs) to subdivide the 10-acre property at 1045 Harewood Mines Rd, and to build 23 single-family homes and 7 full duplexes. The plan also includes dedicated park space beginning at the lower end of the property where there is a wetland, and extending up the ravine beyond the marsh to a flat forested area overlooking it all.

The location is on the way to "The Abyss", less than 1km south of Colliery Dams Park — accessible from the top of 7th St above John Barsby School.

The Rega Properties website says these homes might start showing up on the market in 2021. If you'd like to be notified of any updates, contact me!

1045 Harewood Mines Rd map

Arbor Park

Location map for Arbor Park new homes in NanaimoNew Freehold Homes in Central Nanaimo

This development is VERY central, being close to the Northfield exit off the Nanaimo Parkway. The neighbourhood is sloped and enjoys some big mountain views.

The first phase of Arbor Park is called Perch, its homes built with a continuity of craftsman designs (reminiscent of the Hawthorne neighbourhood in the University District). The Perch phase sold out in late 2020, and the next phase might break ground in 2022.

Ridgeline of Cottle Place

These 24 units (duplexes, triplexes and single family homes) will be built on top of a ridge near Pipers Lagoon and Stephenson Point, near the border of Departure Bay and Hammond Bay. The ocean and island views will be spectacular.

I don't know anything about a timeline at this point - an application was made to the city in 2018 and renewed in 2020.

I'll be keeping an eye on this development. If you'd like me to keep you updated, please contact me!

Ridgeline of Cottle Place development, Nanaimo - location map

Beban Woods

Sixteen new high-end homes overlooking a high bank oceanfront near Pipers Lagoon and Departure Bay. Home construction started around 2018 and continues today (February 2021). Addresses will be on Planta Rd, Tom Harris Dr, and Bonnie Dr.

Beban Woods location

The Foothills

Build your new home with the best outlook available. These bare land strata lots above Lantzville and Pleasant Valley offer luxurious views of the Salish Sea, North Nanaimo, Mount Benson, the BC Coastal Mountain range, the Winchelsea Islands, Nanoose Bay, Brannen Lake and Green Lake, and Rutherford Ridge.
Read more about The Foothills.

View from The Foothills, Nanaimo