New Townhome Developments in Nanaimo

With our mild climate, it's not surprising that we should see continued strong demand for new townhomes in Nanaimo. People want the lifestyle that comes with a little piece of outdoor space, but also the convenience of a low-maintenance property where the home's exterior elements are managed by the strata.

Townhouses are distinguished from other types of condos by the fact that they are usually side-by-side, rarely up-and-down. So you are less likely to have neighbours above or below your unit.

Below are all of the newer-build townhome listings in the Nanaimo district; after the listings, I have compiled new townhome developments that are in the planning phase or have already started construction.

Patio Homes: When we refer to "patio homes" in Nanaimo, we are usually talking about attached ranchers (single-storey townhomes) or main-level-entry townhomes with a walkout basement.

New Townhomes in Nanaimo

Upcoming New Construction Townhome Projects

3 Detached Townhouses on Cougar Ridge Plc

There is an application for 3 detached homes to be constructed on Cougar Ridge Place in North Nanaimo, close to Lost Lake Rd. They'll be 2535 sqft each, with 405 sqft garages. It appears they will have great ocean views. For more information, see development application DP001224 at the City of Nanaimo.

Note, these will probably not be available for purchase until sometime in 2023.

Satellite image showing location of proposed townhomes at 5065 Cougar Ridge Pl in Nanaimo

Kennedy St Live/Work Townhomes

Four townhomes (two of them detached) with live/work spaces are planned for 540 Kennedy St - currently there is a 1910-built home there). The location is between Albert and Hecate Streets (see location map below).

Satellite image showing location of proposed townhomes at 540 Milton St, Nanaimo

At the front of the complex there will be two detached townhomes, side by side, with a pedestrian lane between them. At the back will be a pair of townhomes attached like a duplex, with 10 parking spaces underneath. These two units may have ocean views, depending on construction of the Milton Station development behind them.

As of October 2021, this is still in the development permit application stage.

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Menzies Ridge Townhomes

Located in the desirable Hawthorne neighbourhood near VIU, this development will include 7 buildings with a total of 22 townhome units. Here is a rendering by Raymond de Beeld Architect Inc. that was included in the development permit application:

Rendering by Raymond de Beeld Architect Inc. showing proposed Menzies Ridge townhomes

Here is the location in relation to Buttertubs Marshs and other homes (note that there will likely be a duplex just off the northwest corner of this strata, in other words not all of the greenspace shown in this photo will remain):

Satellite image showing (outlined) location of proposed Menzies Ridge townhomes in relation to Buttertubs Marsh and other houses

As of October 2021, ground has not been broken.

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8 New Townhomes at 2202 Meredith

There is a proposal for 8 townhouses to be built at the site of 2202 Meredith Rd, kiddie-corner from the low-rise condos built at Meredith and Tulsa in the 2010s. Six of the units will be three-storey and will have garages, and the remaining two will be two-storey and with open parking. You can see renderings on the City website, here:

Satellite map showing location of proposed townhomes at 2202 Meredith Rd

Nelson Rd Multi-Family Development

A huge development has been proposed for Nelson Road, near the new roundabout on Turner Rd, behind Longwood Station:

Satellite image map showing location of proposed Nelson Rd multi-family development in North Nanaimo

The development may look something like what is shown below (this is a rendering by dHKArchitects for the developer) - it appears there will be about 23 townhome units, as well as two large 6-7 storey apartment buildings. A public hearing has been scheduled for Jan24/2022 because re-zoning will be required if this is to be approved.

Contact me if you want to be kept in the loop about this development.

Rendering of proposed Nelson Rd, Nanaimo townhomes

Linley Valley Detached Townhomes

Map showing location of the detached townhomes proposed for 5768 Linley Valley Drive in NanaimoAn application was submitted to the City in April 2021 for 13 townhouse units at 5768 Linley Valley Dr in North Nanaimo (not far from the roundabout on Rutherford Rd).

Most of these homes will be DETACHED, quite different from what we would normally call townhomes! But it's still a strata, and the common property will most likely include everything exterior to your living space (roofs/attics, windows, the tiny yards, driveways, etc.). This doesn't mean that your neighbours can use your yard and driveway, however - those will be designated for your exclusive use.

Below is a plan created by GUD Architecture & Planning. It appears that the back yard of most units will end at a rock face, helping with privacy. It also appears that each unit will have a single garage, and most will also have space for at least one car in the driveway.

Detail of a plan showing proposed detached townhomes on Linley Valley Dr in North Nanaimo

Satellite image showing location map for proposed townhome development at 558 Medea Way, Nanaimo BCMedea Way Townhomes

There are six 2-storey townhome units proposed for a currently-vacant lot at 558 Medea Way, just off Hecate Street near the old Chinatown site. These will take the form of 2 buildings with 3 units each. It appears that each unit will have an outdoor parking space. Four of the six units will be 2-bedroom, while the remaining two will be 1-bed +den. I am guessing the units will be about 940sqft each.

I would expect that these will be some of the most affordable NEW townhomes in Nanaimo, even though their location is on the cusp of the desirable Nob Hill neighbourhood of the Old City.

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Lauren Mary Place Townhomes

This will be a 13-unit townhome development in the Departure Bay neighbourhood, close to the Edgewood strata development off Rock City Road. The topography slopes upward from the street, toward the south, meaning the homes will face northward toward the Linley Valley. It's not clear to me whether the homes will have ocean views.

Each home will have a garage on the lower floor, with two more floors above that. There will be three buildings (4-5 units in each), with one of those being on the west side, separated from the other two blocks by Mariposa Dr, and the other two blocks to the east will have a landscaped space between them, including "play areas" which may indicate that these will be a great choice for families.

Lauren Mary Place townhomes conceptual drawing

Satellite view showing future location of Lauren Mary Place townhomes

This is all the information I have about this development at this time. If you'd like to be notified when there is more info, or pre-sales, just get in touch!

Hansen Rd Development

There is a big new development in the works near Quarterway Elementary School (École Quarterway) near Bowen Road (see satellite image below). The first phase will see 15 buildings with a total of 49 units: 10 of the buildings will be two-storey, and the other five will be three-storey. Most of these townhomes will back onto the existing Millstone Creek townhome strata to the south. Each home appears to include a driveway, and a backyard patio.

The second phase, according to the drawings, will be a pair of 4-storey apartment buildings on the north side of the property. These will have a greenspace in the back, creating a buffer to the back of the existing Canada Post building on E Wellington Rd. Note, road access will be via Hansen Rd off East Wellington Rd. The satellite image below shows there will be access to Bowen Rd, but this appears to be pedestrian access only.

This project is still in its infancy (planning/approval stage) but contact me if you'd like me to notify you when there is new information.

Satellite image with lines showing proposed location of Hansen Rd townhome development

215 Sabiston concept rendering, front view - Nanaimo townhome development215 Sabiston St

(Not yet broken ground as of summer 2020)

Five new townhome units approved for construction on little ol' Sabiston St in the South End.

It's possible that these will not be stratified and sold, but I will keep an eye out.
More info: 215 Sabiston St

507 Milton St

This is a townhouse development being built at the corner of Milton St and Albert St downtown - 507 Milton St

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