Riverstone Place location map

Riverstone Place - 20 Barsby Ave.

Riverstone Place Nanaimo - early concept imageBuilt in 2020, this building sits on an exotic and extremely historic spot; this was the site of the Hudson Bay Company's first waterwheel and mill in Nanaimo, beginning in the early 1850s. The small but powerful Millstone River (or Millstream as it is also called) makes a dramatic twist around some canyon walls and down some rapids near the condominium site, then it slows down and passes underneath a bridge and into the harbour.

Riverstone Place has 6 stories with a total of 90 units. There are 1-bedroom units, 1-bed +den units, and 2-bedroom units.

The condos sit on an elbow of land just above Barsby Park, through which the river runs. Residents can enjoy the short walk through this park, and they have the option of extending that walk to the Harbourfront Walkway or in the other direction to Bowen Park

All of the units were sold out by the time the building was completed, so any units available from this point (2021) will be re-sales (check below to see if any are listed now).

Riverstone Place Condos for Sale

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