This development / neighbourhood can be summarized like this: EXPANSIVE VIEWS.

From the beach, Lantzville is relatively flat for 2 km before suddenly pitching upward in the form of rocky bluffs. The views afforded by this - forest and ocean, mountains and islands...

View of Winchelsea Islands and Nanoose, seen from The Foothills development in Lantzville

Development phases will span many years and will include more than 730 homes. There will be a retail village in future phases, plus multi-family and higher-density building(s), and larger 2- and 3-acre offerings in the future. The developer has set aside space for beautiful hilltop parks within the neighbourhood.

The first phase came in 2017 and there were about 70 lots listed, in two locations: 

  • At the lowest part of the development, on Spence's Way or Aulds Rd. Ocean views are less common here, but the lots are large.
  • Higher up, switchback streets climb to magnificent view properties.

The second phase was in 2018 - Broad Ridge Pass, higher still - 26 home sites ranging from 0.37-1.63 acres.

As of spring 2021, there are some lots available for resale, as well as homes being built and sold by contractors who purchased the lots for the purpose.

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Current Listings at the Foothills

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Some people refer to it as "Lantzville Foothills" because that is what the area has always been called, from when it was a hiking network - but also because that was the name proposed by a previous developer back in the 2000s. But as a development, it's known as "The Foothills".

View of Mt Benson from Lantzville Foothills

View from Foothills development in Lantzville, showing the Winchelsea Islands

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