Step out of the forest and onto a rocky hilltop, and look out across the city and far beyond, across the ocean to Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast.

The ridges are a long hump of rock at the foot of Mount Benson, just above Westwood Lake. You can park near either end of the ridges, climb to the nearest viewpoint, and be back within 100 minutes. Or, you can take a few hours and do the entire length of this trail system. Some people park one car at Westwood Lake and another at Morrell Sanctuary.

Night Hiking

Westwood Ridge is just as pretty in the dark. Most of the trail is not treacherous, so anyone with a headlamp or a full moon is encouraged to try the night-hike version of Westwood Ridge. It is breathtaking to clamber up the last few strides to the summit and look back at the city lights. It is so quiet up there.


The most common approach to Westwood Ridge is from Westwood Lake - see the trailhead location below. It's also possible to approach from Morrell Sanctuary, but this isn't recommended if you don't know where the Department of National Defense boundaries are.

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