Addresses are on Woodbridge Close, Nanaimo

Area: Rocky Point (North Nanaimo) (⇓ MAP)

Strata ID: VIS 6330

Year(s) built: 2007

Types of Units: Two-storey townhomes

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    Single and double garages

Rooms per Unit: 2-4 beds, 2-3 baths
Sizes of Units: 1446-2120 sqft
Number of Units: 8

Number of Buildings: 4
Km to bus: Adjacent (Hammond Bay Rd)
Elevators?: No

Natural Gas?: Yes
Sale Price Range: Insufficient recent data
#Units sold during 2018-2022: 7

Important: The data on this page was researched in the summer/fall of 2023 and the information is relevant as such. Efforts will be made to update the data over time.

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