The highest point of Lantzville is a ridge system called Copley. It is a series of rocky bluffs covered in beautiful groves of arbutus and fir, looking out onto huge vistas: south to Mt Benson, east to Nanaimo, north to ocean and islands, and west to Nanoose and its mountain ranges.

Drone view from above Copley Ridge looking southThe corner of the ridge closest to Lantzville and Nanaimo has been developed in recent years, with large lots upon which custom homes are being built (see "The Foothills"). However, the development only covers about a third of the ridge (for now), and even when it's fully built-out, there will be many great trails and viewpoints remaining.

Two popular hiking trails in this area are:

  • The Knarston Creek loop (starting at the far west point of Aulds Rd) - This is a system of trails up/around Knarston Creek which flows out of the ridges and past the Winchelsea View golf course.
  • Heikkla Canyon - Closer to Dumont Rd and Brannen Lake, these trails are at the southeast part of the ridge system.

Detail of Google Maps topographical map showing Copley Ridges

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